Friday, November 22, 2013

The Steel City Showdown: A Snake Eyes Gaming Warhammer 40,000 Tournament

Snake Eyes Gaming is proud to announce the 4th Annual Steel City Showdown!

Every Fall between 35-50 players gather at Legions Games in Pittsburgh to test their mettle against one another for three rounds of Warhammer 40,000.  At the end of the day one participant will have earned the right to hoist the Steel City Sword and claim the title of Champion until next year.

The Steel City Showdown is Western Pennsylvania’s biggest Warhammer 40,000 tournament of the year.  We always try to do something special for the participants – in previous years we’ve had random prizes or raffles.  A tournament packet containing all of the rules, guidelines, and scoring system will be available at the bottom of this post in the weeks leading up to the event.  Similarly, the missions for the tournament will be made available prior to the tournament.
There is no time for peace.  No respite.  No forgiveness.  There is only WAR.


Where:                   Legions Hobbies & Games
                                Pines Plaza Shopping Center
                                1130 Perry Hwy
                                Pittsburgh, PA 15237
                                (412) 366-3725

When:                  Saturday, December 7th
                              11:00 AM – Registration
                              12:00  PM – First Round Begins
                              Army lists will be collected during registration.

 What:                  3 round, 1750 point Warhammer 40,000 tournament
                              Participants will be given 2 hours and 15 minutes for each round. Additional time 
                                   will be provided for set-up during the first round.
                              There is NO painting requirement.  Unpainted models will NOT hinder
                                   your ability to win Best Sportsman or Best General prizes.
                              NO proxies although conversions are accepted (and encouraged!).  All models must
                                          be WYSIWYG.

 Cost:                    $20 for each participant.  Preregistration is not required.
                              The entry fee includes a lunch of Subway/Pizza that will be served between          
                                        Rounds 2 & 3.
                              Food will be available for non-participants for the cost of $5 per person.

Awards:             Best Overall
                             Best Sportsman (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
                      Best General (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
                             Best Painted (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
                             Snake Eyes Award
                             The Feast of Blades

6th Edition          Allies are acceptable (consult the Allies Matrix in the Rulebook for options).
                       Players will roll for Warlord Traits prior to each game.
                           Each player receives 1 Force Organization slot for Fortifications.
                      Terrain will be set up by the judges prior to the event.
                           Mysterious Terrain rules will be used where applicable.
                           Missions will contain ALL deployment rules, scoring methods, and Objective details.
                          Any Codex or Supplement Published prior to November 30th is legal for use.

 Forge World      Forge World army lists and units are permitted with prior approval from the judges.
                       We will keep the list below updated with all lists and units that we have approved.
                       No Experimental Rules, Super Heavy Vehicles, Gargantuan Creatures, Apocalypse
                                        Formations, or Horus Heresy Army Lists will be permitted.
                        You must have the official rules that detail the unit(s) that you are using.



Monday, November 18, 2013

A Warhammer 40,000 Tanksgiving Event!

Snake Eyes Gaming 
201 Cayuga Ave., Suite 10
Altoona, PA 16602

Friday, November 29th 
11:30 AM – Registration
12:00PM – Gaming Begins!

1 Round, 800 point Warhammer 40,000 Modified Apocalypse.
Bring 800 points of Tanks/Flyers/Walkers from Elites/Fast Attack/Heavy Support.  You may bring Non-Tank/Monstrous Creatures from Heavy support & Elites as well.
You get points as follows:
•    Non tank heavy support options:  1 point per wound removed
•    Non tank heavy support options:  3 points Last wound removed
•    For every hull point you take off:  1
•    For every wrecked result: 2
•    Every destroyed result: 4
There is NO painting requirement.
NO proxies although conversions are accepted (and encouraged!).  All models must be WYSIWYG.

$15 for each participant.The entry fee includes a lunch of Subway/Pizza that will be served between Rounds 2 & 3.
Food will be available for non-participants for the cost of $5 per person.

Best Sportsman
Best General
Best Painted
Snake Eyes Award

6th Edition:
Warlord Traits will be given to a designated Command vehicle/unit a the start of the battle.
Each player receives 1 Force Organization slot for Fortifications.
Terrain will be set up by the judges prior to the event.
Mysterious Terrain rules will be used where applicable.
Missions will contain ALL deployment rules, scoring methods, and Objective details.

Forge World:
ALL Forge World Units and Army Lists with the Warhammer 40,000 Approved stamp are usable in this event.
No Experimental Rules, or Gargantuan Creatures will be permitted.
You must have the most up-to-date, official rules that detail the unit(s) that you are using.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Snake Eyes Gaming wishes everyone a happy and safe All Hallows' Eve!
We would like to thank everyone that participated in our Halloween festivities last weekend, you can find pictures of the event on our Facebook page:

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Campaign Update: A New Codex

The Campaign has kicked off and there has been a flurry of activity.

Warp gates on the Prime world of Balian III have been sundered by the forces of the Imperium and their fickle Eldar allies.

The Daemon Lord Kraxis was unable to fully complete his ritual and the warp duct seen in the sky over Balian III has quieted.  Astropaths from Balian III and Explorator augeries have determined that there will be a resurgence from the warp duct at the end of October!  Doomsayers and vagrants litter the already choked hive city streets proclaiming that the end is nigh!

Governer Olstein has ordered all remaining PDF guard to take defensive positions around the primary hive and lock down all transport off world.  Necron Ships have been sighted at the edge of sensors and all civilian transports not stopped from leaving the planet have gone missing.

Hive Fleet Lannigan has been spotted too late entering the system and Barka III is under full assault.  Combined forces of the Ultramarines, Ravenguard and Imperial fists have been deployed to contain the threat & Marneus Calgar is personally leading the fleet assets in space above the planet.

Space Wolf Scouts have even been seen making heroic sacrifices by infiltrating and attacking spore chimneys deep behind enemy lines.

On the other side of the sector the warp routes between Caterina and Balian III have collapsed and the fleets guarding it have disappeared.  Imperial forces cut off are digging in awaiting the first sign of treachery from the Dark Eldar on Nauglam II.

M-47 remains secure in Mechanicum control and they are coming closer to plundering its secrets.

Since the events on Balian III, Narmer has seen an explosion of life. Gigantic swarms of fly's have been stripping agriculture lands bare and strange shapes have been seen moving in the wetlands and swamps that dot the landscape.

More to come in update two this week!

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Rescue of I'Cath
A Snake Eyes Gaming Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse Event

Legions Hobbies & Games

Pines Plaza Shopping Center
1130 Perry Hwy
Pittsburgh, PA 15237
(412) 366-3725

Saturday, October 19th
12:00PM –General Muster Sounds

Apocalypse Game on 2 linked tables.


At Noon we will split all participants into two sides and determine a points limit for the battle. Each side will nominate their Commanding officer.

This battle will take place across two linked tables. The feral world of I'Cath and the Chaos Cruiser Hades Wrath. A number of preplanned events will be announced by the game organizers throughout the afternoon.

This is an Apocalypse Game so bring your Superheavies and most valiant heroes - the Imperium will need it's greatest champions and weapons to rescue I'Cath from the clutches of the foul sorceress Tsien Chian.


The Imperial world of I’Cath is a feral world that is well-known for its recruitment for the Imperial Guard and the infamous I’Cath Lancers. The people have a hearty stock, and often times have to fight the environment as much as themselves to survive. It is a near medieval world with little Imperial technology after its devastation during the Macharian wars. 

Tsien Chiang was a strange child. When she was born she was thought to be unique, but at the tender age of 7 she discovered her true powers. The world knew of psykers as they had an astropathic choir and had been visited by the Black Ships previously, but for some reason Tsien was missed. After devastating a village with a pyromantic display she fled into the forest to take her chance with the beasts of the world as opposed to being hunted down by the Imperial Governor Tathor and his cohort.

As she grew and the years past her story passed into the realm of myth and fable, the tale of a hideous witch that lived in the deep forest that was able to control and manipulate the land about her. It became something to frighten the children by the campfire in the evening. No -one seriously believed that a small 7 year old girl would be able to survive in the wilds of I’Cath. The truth, was far worse, Tsien grew to be a beautiful young woman and her natural psychic talent became a coveted object of the Chaos Gods. When she was alone and cold she was comforted by their promises of wealth and power. She used her natural powers to subdue the local flora and fauna to her will and began to delve deeper into the darkness by partaking in sacrificial rights to the Dark Gods.
One day while the Imperial Governor Tathor and his cohort were hunting in the forest they came upon a beautiful naked young woman. They thought her to be a lost villager who had somehow lost her way in the forest and miraculously survived. The Imperial Governor Tathor was so smitten by her that he asked her to be his bride. Little did he know of Tsien’s true intent. Tsien obliged and wormed her way into the high courts of the government and began to subvert the upper echelons from the Imperial Creed into the realms of darkness. Tathor was none the wiser. As more and more villagers began to disappear and their dismembered corpses were found in the forest, and Tathor believed that some Great Beast was slaughtering his people. 

As more and more people were sacrificed the turbulence in the Warp increased around I’Cath drawing the attention of the Dark Gods as well as Ahriman, Exile of the Thousand Sons. Ever in need of Psykers and Psyker slaves Ahriman became interested in the turbulence generated by Tsien and her sacrifices and began to approach I’Cath to investigate.

On the eve that Tathor was to embark on his Great Hunt for the Beast Tsien revealed her true nature. She began to decimate the castle and surroundings and went forth to destroy her beloved husband. Tathor was fearful that the powers of Chaos had possessed his wife and he desperately tried to seek out the Astropathic Choir to relay a distress message. The signal was amplified as Tsien murdered the Choir and a desperate scream was relayed into the Warp. A passing crusade force of a multitude of Imperials including Space Marines, Guardsmen, and the Inquisition intercepted the message and set forth for I’Cath with undue haste.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Current Magic League Standings - October 11th, 2013

Here are the updated League Standings for the GP Washington DC Trip and their change in rankings.  The current amount of money on hand for the trip is $335.12.

1.  Ray C - 21 points (-)
2.  Hershel L - 13 points (-)
3.  Mike S - 7 points (-)
4.  Gavin - 7 points (-)
5.  Sean M - 7 points (+3 spots)
6.  Bruce - 5 points (-1 spot)
7.  Ian - 4 points (-)
8.  Mike A - 4 points (-2 spots)
9.  Jack - 2 points (-)
10.  Mario - 2 points (-)
11.  Adam - 1 point (-)
12.  Bob - 1 point (-)
13.  Sam - 1 point (New)
14.  Evan D - 1 point (New)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Magic Events on October 12th & 13th

There are a couple of Magic events going on this coming weekend (October 12th & 13th) at Snake Eyes Gaming. Come out and join the Gathering!

Saturday, October 12th at 6 PM
  • Theros Draft - $12.00/person

Sunday, October 13th at 6 PM

  • Standard Constructed - $10.00/person (entry fee includes 1 soda and 1 candy bar)
  • 8+ person event
  • Prizes:*
  1. Nylea, God of the Hunt (valued at ~$15.00) + 1 booster pack
  2. Fiendslayer Paladin (valued at ~$10.00) + 1 booster pack
  3. Loxodon Smiter (values at ~$5.00) + 1 booster pack
 Nylea, God of the HuntFiendslayer Paladin  Loxodon Smiter

* Prizes are contingent on an 8 participant minimum

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Magic the Gathering Commander Decks

Commander decks are coming!

Five brand new decks filled with cards for Commander!
Commander is one of the most popular multiplayer Magic™ formats and enthusiasts have been anxiously awaiting new cards and decks—their wait will soon be over!

Each of these new Commander offerings includes a 100-card  preconstructed deck and three oversized, foil legendary commander cards (that also appear in the deck). The decks are filled with cards from throughout the history of Magic and also include...
15 new Magic cards in every deck!

The five new Commander decks each contain two brand new three-color legendary creatures and 13 other never-before-printed cards.
There are 51 unique new cards spread across the five decks (some cards appear in multiple decks). These new cards will not only bring excitement to the Commander format but are also legal for use in Vintage and Legacy tournaments!

A few of the new Commanders:
Prossh, Skyraider of Kher - Commander SpoilerJeleva, Nephalia's Scourge

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Current Magic League Standings - Destination: GP Washington - Legacy Format

Here are the current League standings as of September 28th.  Again, top 7 people will be going to the GP.  As you can see it is still pretty wide open.

1.  Ray C - 19 points
2.  Hershel L - 13 points
3.  Mike S - 7 points
4.  Gavin - 5 Points
5.  Bruce - 4 points
6.  Mike A - 4 Points
7.  Ian - 4 Points
8.  Sean M - 3 Points
9.  Jack - 2 points
10.  Mario - 2 points
11.  Adam - 1 point
12.  Bob - 1 point

Keep watching this space for weekly updates.  Stop by the store and see what is covered so far.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Magic the Gathering - The League

Over the past few weeks, we have been talking with multiple people in the Magic the Gathering Community at the store.  One of the more interesting ideas was a league that would promote people going to the Grand Prix in the area and representing the store there.  After thinking about this and working on the logistics, we have decided to move forward with supporting a new Magic League at the store.  We cannot take credit for the league, but believe that it is something the community would like to see and participate in going forward.  We know it is just a short time away, but the first Grand Prix we will be sending people to is in Washington D.C. on November 16th and 17th.  After this Grand Prix, we will be targeting the Philadelphia Grand Prix next year with a new league.  We will be assisting up to 7 people to go to Grand Prix DC this year.

So how does the league work and what do I need to do to be eligible?  It is rather easy and requires nothing of you other than what you are already doing - playing Magic.  In order to play in the league, show up on a normal Friday to draft or any other day you would like to draft with some of your friends.  The cost to draft for the League is $12.  We will also be running Standard, Modern, EDH and Legacy Tournaments for League Points as well. Play in the draft or constructed events and hopefully win some games.  Each week at the store,  we will post the standings which will be determined as follows:

4 points for 1st Place
3 Points for 2nd Place
2 Points for 3rd Place
1 Point for Showing up and playing

We will also post the current amount of money in the pool to help facilitate people going to the Grand Prix as well.  Normal prize support for each individual event will be given out as well as though it were a standard FNM event.  The week before the Grand Prix, we will be contacting the 7 top players for the Washington D.C. Grand Prix and notifying them.  

So you may be asking, what if I don't want to play in the league, but still want to draft.  You can still buy our packs at normal price, $3.33 ea. Points are only awarded to the league members depending on how they did during the draft.

The current league is running, but there are still many spots up for grabs.  Come in and play.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

More Snake Eyes Gaming Launch Weekend Goodness - HEROCLIX

Continuing our Opening Weekend Festivities, on Sunday, October 6th, Snake Eyes Gaming, LLC will be hosting a day of Heroclix.  Our first tournament will be at 1/1:30 with an additional tournament to follow upon completion of the event.  Information on the the events will be posted on the Wizkids Event Reporter shortly.  Come out and join us as we celebrate opening weekend with some gaming.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Killteam Campaign Rules

Good Afternoon folks!

We've had some good interest in the campaign so far and we'd like to show our fans out there what we have in store for Killteam Games.

During the campaign Killteam games represent you sending in your infiltrators to cause havoc behind enemy lines and disrupt their operations.Killteam games can be played for any tile at any time but will not flip the ownership for that tile.

Your forces are coming in under the cover of darkness or inserting themselves onto the planet via other clandestine means.  If you win you will be able to roll 2d6 and apply a bonus to either sides next game on that tile:

Killteam Bonus Chart Name Bonus
Note, the winner of the killteam game chooses which side the next game here applies to.
2 Chaos in the Ranks The opposing strike team was so successful that the chain of command is interrupted.  All Attacking or Defending units suffer minus 1 to their leadership statistic
3 Murder in the Night Has anyone seen Frank? Attacking or Defending units that scout before game starts take D6 wounds.
4 Sabotage Fortifications Seriously guys, no more rush party.  Defender or Attacker Fortification (if any) has one less armor value and provides one less point for its cover save e.g. 4+ becomes 5+.
5 Supply Line Cut Were out of Mjod?!  Attacking or Defender units wishing to outflank suffer -1 to their reserve rolls.
6 Sabotaged Weapons Caution, contents under pressure.  Attacker or Defender chooses one unit at the start of the game.  All shots from the chosen unit have the Gets Hot special rule.
7 Rigged Do I cut the Red wire or the blue wire? Mysterious Objectives revealed by the Attacker or Defender count as sabotaged.
8 Pre-Dawn Raid I shall taunt you a second time!  Attacker or Defender may move one random objective to anywhere in his deployment zone, or starts the game with First Blood
9 Advanced Deployment Attacker or Defender extends his deployment zone by d6 inches
10 Hidden Explosives Dibs on his boots! After both sides have deployed the attacker or defender gets D3 S7 AP - small blast templates that scatter normally
11 Stolen Tech Hey guys check it out, its got the same combination as my luggage! Attacker or Defender chooses one piece of terrain, that terrain now holds an Archeotech Artefact.  Roll on the Artefact table (pg 106) as soon as a unit comes within 2 inches of the terrain. (this may mean rolling at the start of turn 1.
12 Building Demolition Does anyone here that ticking noise?  Roll a D6 for every building in the Attacker or Defenders deployment zone and consult the chart on page 94

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Snake Eyes Gaming Launch Weekend

Hello everyone,  I wanted to let everyone know our first official launch weekend of the store we will be October the 4th and the kickoff for some 40k goodness.
Warhammer 40k Episode 7: A New Codex

You can participate by playing Standard & Team games as well as Killteam & Battlefleet Gothic.
BFG Fleets will battle for the warp routes on the maps and blockading planets.
Killteam games can be played on any tile and will give a special bonus for their side the next time a standard or team game is played on the tile.

Players at the start will be given 3 flags, the Crusade of Fire will be able to place first.

Crusade of Fire
  • Space Marines
  • Grey Knights
  • Eldar
  • Blood Angels
  • Imperial Guard(*)
  • Dark Angels(*)
  • Tau(*)  

Prophets of Ruin
  • Chaos Marines
  • Chaos Guard
  • Imperial Guard(*)
  • Dark Angels(*)
  • Orks - WAAAAGH!
  • Dark Eldar
  • Necrons
  • Tau(*)
* Armies with a * may join the side of their choosing.

Friday we will be taking signups for a new Warhammer 40k Planetary Empires campaign friday evening.
Saturday there will be an Apocolypse battle that will determine the fate of Balian III.  Bring 2500 points of your favorite force.  Come and have fun, pizza will be ordered for us by our sponsors!

Also voting continues for the next game board.  So far Mordenheim and Titan Manufactorum are tied at 14 votes a piece!  Make your voice be heard and vote at the store or with our contact form!

Monday, September 2, 2013

The RPG Room

So, as many of you know, the new store has been coming along well.  We have the tables set up for the Miniatures players, Magic Players and Heroclix players, but now the RPG room is finally set up as well.  The RPG room features enough seating for 8 and has been stocked for use.  RPGs ranging from Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Star Wars and Fantasy Flight are on the shelf and ready to be used.

Besides the books for use, we have enough miniatures to play out your battles and scenes.  So come on in and sign up for use of the room on our Calendar.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Evolution of the Club

After five years of existing as a gaming club, Snake Eyes has made a decision to open up our own gaming space in Altoona, PA.  We have been about the community for the past 5 years and will continue to be about the community going forward.  Some of you have asked us why we are changing from a club to an actual business.  Well the answer is rather simple, we enjoy being a club and doing what we do, but we wanted to make it a more formal organization and we see an opportunity to better serve the community by going this direction.

In order to facilitate this, we are in the process of setting up a 1600sq ft gaming space located in Altoona, PA.  A number of you have already been there as we work on the space to play some games.  We invite any of you that would like to come out and play while we continue to set up to do so.  We are typically there Friday nights and either Saturday or Sunday currently.  If you see one of us or would like to know when we are going to be there, contact us via e-mail and we will let you know.  Sometime in October, we will be moving to designated hours.  Keeping in mind, all of us have other jobs that we work through the week, the store hours will be as follows:

Fridays:  6pm - Midnight
Saturday:  2pm - 10pm
Sunday:  Noon to 5pm

As the business progresses, it is possible we will be adding other defined hours, but to start, this is when one of us will be on site.  Why do we say that?  As stated earlier, we are here for the community.  Our Business Plan is slightly different than your traditional store model.  We have decide to not carry a lot of stock, but to provide gaming space to play the games all of us love.  After all, that is what having the space is about.  That doesn't mean we won't have some items on hand such as Refreshments (Soda/Water), Dice, Magic Cards, Clix, Deck Protectors, etc, but we will not be carrying full game systems to start.  So why come to us for your gaming needs?  We will be offering you incentive to make your purchases through us.  You can come and play at our Gaming Space and pay nothing, again we are just trying to get people to play.  However, you can choose to become a member as well.  

Membership has its benefits.  Membership will cost $20/month if paid monthly, $15/month if paid semi-annually and $12.50/month annually if paid up front.  To become a member, it will require signing something very similar to a Gym Membership Contract.  At this point, you are probably asking why become a member if I can come to the store and play for free?  Well, we are going to give you 20% off everything you order through us.  Everything.  Many of us spend a considerable amount on our hobbies a month.  Therefore, if you spend more than $60/month on your hobby, a membership would benefit you as that is your break even amount on an annual membership agreement with us.  On top of the discount, there will be a hobby area open to members that will contain paints for use, bitz, access to our lending library of books and demo games on site.

What will we be supporting?  You name it, we play it.  We will be doing games that you want to play.  Currently, our list is Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40k, Magic the Gathering, Heroclix,  Flames of War, Warmachine, X-Wing, Infinity, Pathfinder, Dungeons and Dragons and Malifaux.   We will be having tournaments on a monthly basis.  Some of you that have been following us on Facebook have had many great recommendations and we will be implementing many of them such as Hobby Nights and Demo Game Nights.  

Did we mentioned we have a separate room just for Pathfinder / Dungeons and Dragons / Fantasy Flight RPG games.  Not only will we support miniatures and card games, we will be supporting role playing as well.  We have a room separate from the main room that will be used for role playing.  We will be putting out a sign up schedule for routine role playing nights so that the room can be scheduled accordingly for different gaming groups.

Lastly, come out and see us at Blood Citry Brawl this upcoming weekend and talk to us about your thoughts and ideas.  Follow us on Facebook and keep an eye open for more updates throughout the next month as we move forward to having our official opening of the store.


Friday, June 7, 2013

The Brawl is coming!!!!!

Inquisitor Oldman and The Flying Pigs of Ligonier, The Cellar Dwellers of Greensberg and Club Snake Eyes

Proudly bring you the

Blood City Brawl

August 24th & 25th, 2013

John Bracken Hall, Johnstown, PA

List of Events
Warhammer 40K 64 player 1850 point Championship
(Starts on Saturday – 3 rounds, top 8 advance to 3 round finals on Sunday)
Warhammer 40K 52 team Doubles Tournament (1000pts each)
(3 rounds on Sunday)
Warhammer Fantasy 28 team Doubles Tournament (1200 pts each)
(3 rounds on Saturday)
Warhammer Fantasy 32 player 2400 point Tournament
(3 rounds on Sunday)
Flames of War 24 player 1780 point Late War Tournament
(3 rounds on Saturday)

Flames of War Mega Battles (covering early, mid and late war)
(2 sessions on Sunday)
Warmachine/Hordes Steamroller style 35 point Tournament (max 32)
(5 rounds on Saturday)
Warmachine/Hordes Steamroller style 50 point Tournament (max 32)
(5 rounds on Sunday)

See schedule for times / rounds.
See specific tournament packets for specific rules for each event.

Play one day in any single event $25 if preregistering, $30 at the door
Play both days and pick one event each day $40 preregister, $45 at door
Soda/Water and lunch each day included in cost of ticket.

Pre-registration starts June 10th and will be available via paypal (money transfer) or in person. See the Blog site for details on the 10th.
With special thanks to our sponsors!

Please check out the site:!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sci-fi Valley Con - This coming Friday Saturday Sunday

Ladies and Gentlemen, Sci-Fi Valley Con is soon approaching and we have some fun filled events planned for you. 

Friday evening: Open Gaming and Demo's.  the Chaos Cruiser Hades wrath will be on display for you to play games on.

Saturday: starting at 11:00: Killteam Tournament 2-5 rounds depending on participation
(Full rules here)

Your Force
To play in a Kill Team event, you’ll need to select your Kill Team carefully, for, as any commander knows, you must send the right men for the mission if you want to guarantee success! You may spend up to 200 points using the following Force Organisation Chart:
0 – 1 Elite
0 – 2 Troops
0 – 1 Fast Attack

  • You may use any current and in print Warhammer 40,000 Codex book, as well as any current and official updates in White Dwarf, eg. Codex: Sisters of Battle update.
  • Rules from Forge World’s productions are not in use at Kill Team. However, you may use the models where they appropriately represent a Codex entry (eg. Contemptor Dreadnought as a Dreadnought, of Death Korps of Krieg as Imperial Guardsmen).
  • Rules and unit entries from other Warhammer 40,000 expansions, eg Apocalypse, Planetstrike, Cities of Death and Spearhead are not in use.
  • You may not take allies or fortifications.
  • Codex restrictions are still in place. If your codex says you must take 1+ of a unit then you must still take 1+ units of them. The only exception to this is if your codex requires you to take 1+ HQ unit or 1+ Heavy Support units.
  • You must purchase complete squads. You cannot take, for example, a single Tactical Space Marine or a single Eldar Harlequin. Imperial Guard must fulfil the minimum requirements of an Infantry platoon, and may not take single squads from it.
  • As no units may be kept in reserve , you may not take any Flyers.

  • Specialists You may pick up to three individual models in your force as being “Specialists” that benefit from one of a number of special rules. These specialists and the rules they have must be declared on your army list, as should which model represents them. You may only give one of the following rules to any one Specialist and all specialists in your force must pick a different one (eg – you may not have two Specialists who chose the Tank Hunters rule). 

The Special Rules they may pick from are-
Adamateum Will, Armourbane, Blind, Counter Attack, Crusader, Eternal Warrior, Fear, Fearless, Feel No Pain, Fleet, Fleshbane, Furious Charge, Hammer of Wrath, Hatred, Hit and Run, It Will Not Die, Monster Hunter, Move Through Cover, Night Vision, Preferred Enemy (Everything!), Rage, Rampage, Relentless, Shred, Shrouded, Skilled Rider, Stealth, Strikedown, Stubborn, Tank Hunter.

Sunday: All day we have Flames of War Demo's and an Apocalypse event between the Hades Wrath in Orbit around Ommegang IV.

Bring up to 1000 points of your favorite Warhammer 40k forces or use some of the pre-made armies we have ready for you.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

UPJ Charirty & Doubles Tournament Results

Hello Folks!
Many thanks go out to everyone who showed up to share their Saturday with us.  Combined totals we were able to give away around 650$ in prizes and raise 185+ for charity. 

The UPJ Roleplaying Club has kindly forwarded us a nice letter from the food bank we'd like to share.

Also if anyone missed our donations to Doctors without Borders was submitted, you can see it on their website Here:

Results are definately overdue so where we are...

Best Overall: "Team Winnar" Louis & Corey (DE/Nids)

Best General: "The Superfriends" Alex & Tyler (Tau/Guard)
Best General 2: "Team Hungover" Evan & Grant

Best Sportsman: "I Don't Know" Chad & Logan
Best Sportsman 2: "Castle AAAAGGGGGGggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"Matt & Frank

Best Painted: "TMNT" TJ & Dave

Here we see a judge in the wild during paint scoring...

Best Painted 2: "Old & Crazy" Matt & Sarah (Ultramarines/Necrons)

First Amongst Equals: Logan

Team Spirit: "Puss Birds" Ron & Shawn (Nurgle/Tzeetch)

Pictures and the slideshow are here: Link

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

40k Paired Doubles Tournament/Food Drive at Pitt Johnstown

Snake Eyes Gaming and The UPJ Roleplaying Games Club are proud to announce the first ever Warhammer 40k Paired Doubles Tournament on the Pitt Johnstown Campus!

In addition to the food drive we will be selling Re-roll tickets, all proceeds will be going towards Doctors Without Borders

- University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown
  450 Schoolhouse Road, 

  Johnstown, Pennsylvania 15904
- The event will be in the Cambria Room of the Student Union. If you need help navigating the campus, or help finding parking, just ask!
- This is event is open to the public, not just students of the campus.

- April 13th, 2013

- Registration for teams will open at 10 AM.
- First Round begins at 11 AM.
- Teams will register together, but both players must pay an entry fee.


- 3 round, paired doubles tournament at 1000 points per player (for a total of 2000 points per side). This means if possible, you will choose a partner ahead of time. If you cannot find a partner, but still wish to participate, you will be randomly paired with one on the day of the tournament.

- You and your opponent's lists are separate 1000 point lists, and you cannot give or take points/force organization slots from your partner.
- Bring five copies of your printed list (one for you, one for the TOs, and three to give to your opponents.
- Models do not have to be painted to participate, however not painting your models will disqualify you from getting a painting score.
- Models must be WYSIWYG. Proxies will not be allowed. This means no pieces of paper with the word "Rhino" written on them, no orks counting as blood angels, etc.


- 10 Dollars per person, plus
one canned or boxed non-perishable food item to donate to charity.
- This fee does not include a lunch, however there is a student store directly across from the location that has snacks. There is also a shop upstairs that serves food, but on weekends it is only open after six.

- Best General
- Best Painted
- Best Sportsman
(Possibility for more prizes depending on attendance.)

6th Edition
- Allies are NOT permitted, as all teammates will be treated as "Battle Brothers" (pg. 112) for purposes of determining who is affected by psyker powers, Warlord Traits, etc.
- Players will roll for Warlord Traits prior to each game.
- Each player receives 1 Force Organization slot for Fortifications. (We are still deciding if we are going to allow the Skyshield Landing Pad or the Fortress of Redemption due to space restrictions.)
- Terrain will be set up by judges before the event.
- If the rumored Tau codex is released on April 6th, it will be fully legal for the event.

- Missions are here

Forge World:

- Forge world army lists and units are permitted with prior approval from judges.
- You MUST provide the most complete and up to date rules for any and all Forgeworld units to your opponent and judges for perusing at any point. If you have a question about which book you should be using, let the judges know.
- Models must have the 40k stamp of approval to be used. This means no experimental rules, super heavy vehicles, gargantuan creatures, or apocalypse formations.
- If you wish to use a list from an Imperial Armor book that does not have the stamp of approval, see the judges before the event for approval.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below, or direct them to any Snake Eyes Gaming Member/Officer of the UPJ Roleplaying Games Club.

Hope to see you there!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tau are Sold Out: Don't Panic!

Apparently many Tau items have sold out and will not be in stock for about a week.  As I understand it, the shortage extends from Games Workshop Online all the way to your local gaming store.  Codices (and possibly Finecast) are NOT effected.

What should you do? Go purchase your Tau Codex from your local gaming store as normal.  If the store does not have the items that you would like don't panic and simply wait until they get them in stock next week (possibly a little longer for the Riptide).

Please pay where you play and support your local store!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mixed Doubles Pictures

Good Evening folks, unfortunately Google broke the ability of Picasa to embed slideshows so here's a link to the Album. You can hit play from there!

Be-WAAAGH!!! the Ides of March Results

Thanks to everyone that came out and participated in the 2,000 point tournament on Saturday, March 2nd.  Additional thanks to the Legions staff for all of their help.

Best Overall: 
1st                           Lewis S. with dark Eldar (with Eldar allies)
2nd                          Cory D. with Chaos Daemons

Best Painted: 
1st                           Rob C. with Imperial Guard

1st                           Dan B. with Space Wolves (with Blood Angel allies)

The participant with the lowest Battle Points was given new dice, hopefully these dice will treat them better!

As always, the level of painting that our community continues to display is impressive. The participant with the lowest Paint Score was given new brushes to help them on their path to a higher Paint Score in the future.

There were some new faces in the crowd which is always great to see.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Mixed Doubles Tournament Results

Thanks to everyone that came out and participated in the Mixed Doubles Tournament on Saturday, February 16th. We had a record setting 60 participants at the event!!!

Snake Eyes Gaming would like to extend an additional Thank You to the Legions staff for letting us use all of their tables, scenery, and store for the event.

Best Overall:      Brad C. with Orks                             $150 Legions Gift Card

Best General:

1st                           Adam S. with Eldar                          $75 Legions Gift Card
2nd                          Rob C. with Space Wolves            $50 Legions Gift Card
3rd                           Dewar P. with Imperial Gurad    $25 Legions Gift Card

Best Painted:

1st                           David C. with Ultramarines          $75 Legions Gift Card
2nd                          Shawn K. with Chaos Daemons  $50 Legions Gift Card
3rd                           Cory D. with Tyranids                     $25 Legions Gift Card


1st                           Bill S. with Orks                                 $75 Legions Gift Card
2nd                          Jared S. with Tau                              $50 Legions Gift Card
3rd                           Nick J. with Blood Angels              $25 Legions Gift Card

Snake Eyes Award:                                                          New Dice!

Pictures are coming soon!!!