Thursday, March 25, 2010

Special Saturday Units

This here will be a special unit for one of our Ork players

The kits used: Baneblade, Devilfish, Chimera, some spare pieces from the Ork Battle-Wagon and Trukk.

And just in-case they are looking for some extra boooom:
Still needs some work but it will definitely be ready for Saturday.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Apocolypse Rules for this Saturday


This Saturday marks the end of the campaign to Save Omegang's citizens from total annihilation or Burn the fields and destroy its cities.

As such there has been much work in gathering the imperial forces for one last stand at the Grav Hook in the capital hive at Sorensen. This structure is the only way off the planet at this time.  The impending warp storm has turned the sky a bloody red, lightning storms are causing Vox havoc and preventing any orbital craft from leaving the atmosphere.  In the wake of this unforeseen event Imperial forces that have not made their way safely within the cities walls of Sorensen have been given up for dead.  The gates are closed...

As for the forces of the Tau, Chaos, Necrons and Orks they have taken this moment to bring up more reinforcements for a final push.  They know the only way off of the planet before the storm reaches the system is the Grav Hook.

2 Objectives per side
All units count as scoring
1 Stratagem per SIDE, no orbital bombardment or flank march due to
Secret Orders or Special Objectives for every commander
A group objective on each side to have at least 1 unit within 6 inches of the Grav Hook by the end of the game.
Warp Storm: Every side turn Commanders from each side roll a die and add the total and consult the chart below:
2 - Have faith in the Emperor! (all Imperial units receive a 5+ Invulnerable Save for one turn).
3 - Rally round the flag! All Fleeing Imperial forces may run towards the nearest Imperial standard and regroup at the end of movement.
4-6: Surge in the Warp! Daemonic energies fill the battlefield. All units with a WS gain +1 S and +1 WS until the end of the turn.
7: Warp Lightning strikes into the city causing Havoc, Controlled by that turns commander 1 Large Blast. S9 AP -.  Any model failing its armor save from this causes a Warp Spawn will appear under the control of the store owner with X wounds (X is equal to the number of wounds caused by the Lightning Strike).
8-10: A group of daemons breach the warp under the control of the store owner and attack everyone in sight.
11 -All Non Imperial forces gain Fleet for one turn.
12 -Death to the False Emperor! (All Non Imperial units may re-roll missed hits and wounds for turn)

Players for the Imperial Side: Bring your a 1750 point Apocalypse list
Players for the Non-Imperials: Bring your 1750 point Apocalypse list and extra models.  Your side currently holds more territory on the campaign map and will be given bonus points to spend on more units and upgrades.