Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Successful Roadtrip

Snake Eyes Gaming packed up and headed to Baltimore to participate in Games Day 2010.
Much fun was had, many beers were imbibed and most importantly, there was gaming. 40k gaming. 3 tables worth.
When the dust had settled, the banner barely lost two rounds of tiebreakers to slip to a still quite respectable 4th place, the Flame Falcons of the Great Wolf were 2nd in fan favorite voting for Armies on Parade (or thereabouts, it was an impressive stack of dice to be sure.) and most importantly, our tables, specifically Titanicus, were judged to be the best Club Table of the event! All hail the Warboss Gubbinz, our Titan Master!
Thanks to everyone who has helped and supported us, and those that visited and gamed!