Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Timor Crusade has Launched

Spearheaded by the Sons of Sanguinus and the Wolves of Fenris the Timor Crusade has begun to make headway. The rebellious forces of High Cardinal Adhmar are not without allies however, the Iron Warriors have heavily fortified the Timor Sub-Sectors’s spiritual center of Balian III. Elsewhere a century of unpaid tithes to the Black Ships is starting to take its toll and omens heralding a massive Demonic Incursion are appearing.

But the High Cardinal’s forces are facing war on two fronts: the Timor Crusade approaches from distant Terra while the xenos menace plagues the sub-sector’s eastern reaches. The planet of Barka IV, once the jewel of the region, has become a battleground of epic proportions. The forces of the Ruinous Powers have been able to dig in and weather the initial storm but the battle for the Timor Sub-Sector is far from over.

The Timor Crudade is almost 1/3 over. A special thanks to the 13 campaign participants. There will soon be a recap of what's happened so far.