Friday, June 7, 2013

The Brawl is coming!!!!!

Inquisitor Oldman and The Flying Pigs of Ligonier, The Cellar Dwellers of Greensberg and Club Snake Eyes

Proudly bring you the

Blood City Brawl

August 24th & 25th, 2013

John Bracken Hall, Johnstown, PA

List of Events
Warhammer 40K 64 player 1850 point Championship
(Starts on Saturday – 3 rounds, top 8 advance to 3 round finals on Sunday)
Warhammer 40K 52 team Doubles Tournament (1000pts each)
(3 rounds on Sunday)
Warhammer Fantasy 28 team Doubles Tournament (1200 pts each)
(3 rounds on Saturday)
Warhammer Fantasy 32 player 2400 point Tournament
(3 rounds on Sunday)
Flames of War 24 player 1780 point Late War Tournament
(3 rounds on Saturday)

Flames of War Mega Battles (covering early, mid and late war)
(2 sessions on Sunday)
Warmachine/Hordes Steamroller style 35 point Tournament (max 32)
(5 rounds on Saturday)
Warmachine/Hordes Steamroller style 50 point Tournament (max 32)
(5 rounds on Sunday)

See schedule for times / rounds.
See specific tournament packets for specific rules for each event.

Play one day in any single event $25 if preregistering, $30 at the door
Play both days and pick one event each day $40 preregister, $45 at door
Soda/Water and lunch each day included in cost of ticket.

Pre-registration starts June 10th and will be available via paypal (money transfer) or in person. See the Blog site for details on the 10th.
With special thanks to our sponsors!

Please check out the site:!

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  1. Can you please post the address for John Bracken Hall in Johnstown? Having some trouble finding it on the map.