Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Siege Grinds On

The epic struggle for Hive Primaris has just begun. Though the Lord of Skyfall’s 8th Company withstood the onslaught of the Traitor Legions battle lines have been redrawn. Parts of the colossal hive city lie in ruins occupied by the Iron Warriors. The timely arrival of the Deathwolf forced the Despoiler to withdraw and regroup causing a collapse in the Followers of the Ruinous Forces line.
The depredations of the Iron Warriors don’t end with the Siege of Hive Primaris however. Warsmith Anaxim oversaw the capture of the Weather Control Station from the Bad Moons. The sky fills with thunder clouds that threaten to unleash storms the likes of which have never been seen on Nekar Quintus.
In the East a mighty warboss has arisen to unify the orks into a WAAAGH!. Bad Moons, Death Skulls, and Goffs have all flocked to the warboss’s banner. With the Bay of Baraolt as well as the previously unconquered city of Tyre under his control ork submersibles now dominate the waterways of Nekar Quintus.

Imperial Forces
Blood Angels 8th Company - Jay
Blood Angels - Dave E.
Blood Angels - Dominic
Harald Deathwolf's Great Company - Mike
Space Wolves - Dave
Shadow Hounds - Shawn K
Lion's Guard - Colin M.
Space Marines - Christoph
Wintermourne 516th - John Z.
Imperial Guard - Austin
Cadians - Jesse

Forces of the Warmaster
Iron Warriors - Andrew M.
Alpha Legion - Sean
Black Legion - Anthony
Thousand Sons - Bill
Chaos Daemons - Brad C.
Chaos Space Marines - TC
Chaos Space Marines - Bill

Orks - Jason
Death Skulls - Casey
Bad Moons Ork Clan - Katie
Blood Axes - Chris F.
Orks - JP
Orks - Robin
Orks - Adam

Tyranids - Josh
Tau - Gary
Tau - Calvin

'Ard Boyz Round 2 Results

Snake Eyes Gaming congratulates the finalists from the ‘Ard Boyz Semi-finals at Legions. Dominic took 1st place with his missile launcher heavy Blood Wolves. Snake Eyes Gaming’s own Josh came in 3rd place with the carnival of monstrous Tyranids.
There are three locations for the ‘Ard Boyz finals this year:
Showcase Comics -Philadelphia
GW Battlebunker - LA
GW Battlebunker - Chicago