Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sci-Fi in the Valley Pictures and Recap!

Thanks to everybody that came out to Sci-Fi in the Valley!
Snake Eyes Gaming ran over 50 demos of Warhammer 40K and Fantasy throughout the weekend.  In addition we had numerous people stop by to look at the display boards, armies, and books we set out.  We brought a TV with Space Marine for the X-Box 360 hooked up and that was in use all weekend.
Thanks again to everyone.  We had a chance to expose lots on new people to Warhammer and we know some of them are now hooked!  Below are some news stories about the weekend featuring Snake Eyes Gaming and then a bunch of pictures of the weekend.  Enjoy!
WTAJ (May 18 -
Tribune Democrat (May 19, 2012)
OMNIpixel (May 20, 2012)