Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Fight for Tarus Continues...

Governor Gateman sipped his Amasec quietly as the first skirmish reports were coming across from the hive Logis.  

Overeager rebel units, to earn glory in the name of their petty gods, had thrown themselves over their defenses and into the oncoming loyalists.  Even more suprising some of them were holding ground just miles from the drop sites.

This is not how things were to be, the Angel told them to bleed the Imperium dry while his brethren marshaled their forces.  He stopped a moment to draft a communique to his commanders stating that any units beyond the primary defense lines be cut off from supplies..  yes... That will do...  Their "sacrifice" would have appeased the Angel.

As more reports came to the desk of the Governors office the picture became more clear, while the overeager forces of Tarus were attempting to push towards the dropsites the loyalists were gaining ground, albeit slowly and with numerous casualities.  The "No Mans Land' between the defence walls and the drop-sites were becoming charnel pits choked with the loyalist dead...

Loyalists: 8 wins, 2 massacres
Renegade: 9 wins, 5 massacres

Loyalists, this is your target, Pro Imperator!