Saturday, September 21, 2013

Killteam Campaign Rules

Good Afternoon folks!

We've had some good interest in the campaign so far and we'd like to show our fans out there what we have in store for Killteam Games.

During the campaign Killteam games represent you sending in your infiltrators to cause havoc behind enemy lines and disrupt their operations.Killteam games can be played for any tile at any time but will not flip the ownership for that tile.

Your forces are coming in under the cover of darkness or inserting themselves onto the planet via other clandestine means.  If you win you will be able to roll 2d6 and apply a bonus to either sides next game on that tile:

Killteam Bonus Chart Name Bonus
Note, the winner of the killteam game chooses which side the next game here applies to.
2 Chaos in the Ranks The opposing strike team was so successful that the chain of command is interrupted.  All Attacking or Defending units suffer minus 1 to their leadership statistic
3 Murder in the Night Has anyone seen Frank? Attacking or Defending units that scout before game starts take D6 wounds.
4 Sabotage Fortifications Seriously guys, no more rush party.  Defender or Attacker Fortification (if any) has one less armor value and provides one less point for its cover save e.g. 4+ becomes 5+.
5 Supply Line Cut Were out of Mjod?!  Attacking or Defender units wishing to outflank suffer -1 to their reserve rolls.
6 Sabotaged Weapons Caution, contents under pressure.  Attacker or Defender chooses one unit at the start of the game.  All shots from the chosen unit have the Gets Hot special rule.
7 Rigged Do I cut the Red wire or the blue wire? Mysterious Objectives revealed by the Attacker or Defender count as sabotaged.
8 Pre-Dawn Raid I shall taunt you a second time!  Attacker or Defender may move one random objective to anywhere in his deployment zone, or starts the game with First Blood
9 Advanced Deployment Attacker or Defender extends his deployment zone by d6 inches
10 Hidden Explosives Dibs on his boots! After both sides have deployed the attacker or defender gets D3 S7 AP - small blast templates that scatter normally
11 Stolen Tech Hey guys check it out, its got the same combination as my luggage! Attacker or Defender chooses one piece of terrain, that terrain now holds an Archeotech Artefact.  Roll on the Artefact table (pg 106) as soon as a unit comes within 2 inches of the terrain. (this may mean rolling at the start of turn 1.
12 Building Demolition Does anyone here that ticking noise?  Roll a D6 for every building in the Attacker or Defenders deployment zone and consult the chart on page 94

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