Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Hard to believe that it’s nearly a year since we officially threw open the doors for everyone! More on that in the coming days though. I check the Snake Eyes Gaming blog almost every day, only to be teased by that drunken dwarf! Each time I see him reclining, pipe in hand - I think about all of the exciting things that we could be using the space on the blog for: articles, campaign journals, tournament results, product reviews, major announcements, guest articles, etc. Of course we will continue to use the Snake Eyes Facebook page for conversations, announcements, finding a game, and all of the great things that we as a community use it for right now.

Things were different when we started the Blog. Snake Eyes Gaming existed only to organize events for Warhammer 40K and built showcase tables for premier 40K conventions. As you all know, times change and the focus of Snake Eyes Gaming has expanded as a result. Something’s never change though; we are still very involved with the gaming community of western Pennsylvania (events like Sci-Fi in the Valley and the Pittsburgh Comicon) and we still support great games (we just play a lot more of them now!). We are still, of course, always open to new ideas; so if there is something you’d like to see on the Blog or in the store let us know! And those of you that are die hard 40K fans needn't worry, we'll still have plenty of that (in fact I'm going to work on Bjorn and a new venerable dreadnought as soon as I finish up here)!

You may be wondering why there is a piece of artwork featuring King Snurre accompanying this new endeavor. Fortunately that has a relatively simple explanation. Over the last six years most of the images we have used were set in the grim, war-torn future of the 41st millennium. Before we ever experienced that dystopian vision though many of us grew up exploring mysterious realms of fantasy, from there we branched out into an assortment of hobby endeavors. We still remember those days and the epic adventures that we undertook; there is something evocative about images that capture that essence. The Fire Giant King reclining on his throne signifies the breadth of the gaming topics that we’ll explore together – some are holdovers from the days of our youth, others are new and shiny, and some are a little bit from column A and A little bit from column B.

I would like to close this post by reiterating something that I mentioned earlier; we are interested in hearing from you, what you like to see filling this space in the future?