Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Siege of Hive Primaris Begins!

Warsmith Anaxim watched artillery shells detonate against the distant fortifications of Hive Primaris. Memories of the siege of the Emperor's Palace came unbidden back to him. It had been the Sons of Sanguinius defending the walls against him on Terra also. This time the Blood Angels didn't have bastions built by that arrogent fool Dorn to cower behind though. Soon the Warsmith would know the elation of tearing a hole in the hive cities defenses.
"Patience," thought the Iron Warrior. Perturabo taught his sons to exercise patience and let the siege guns do there work.
The concussion wave from the detonation of another massive siege shell wrestled the Astartes from his reverie.
"Patience," he said with a mirthless smile.

The Siege Begins * Legions Friday June 11th