Friday, June 4, 2010

Come one, come all

Hello Folks,

Just a friendly reminder that the Kill-Team tournament at Gatehouse Games starts on Saturday at 1:00.  Be there with your 200 point force.   We have some exciting missions setup for you!

5$ entry fee, winner take all, 10$ if unpainted.

Also, updated pics of the reaver we'll be showing off at gamesday: provided i can get the shoulder on the right sides

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kill Team Results 5-29-2010

Quite the weekend, hope everyone had a good holiday.

The day was bloody one, with armies from all over, Dark Eldar, Tyranids and many Marine Chapters.

Results as follows:
Tied for first: Joe with his Ultramarine 1st Company Terminators & Patrick with his Genestealers lead by a Broodlord

Their last game looked like Space Hulk without the corridors...
Joe walked away with the trophy and the prize was split with each player receiving $40.
Best Sportsman: Anthony with his Black Legion Chosen.
Anthony walked away with Abbadon the Despoiler.

Congrats to all who came, played and had a good time. Thank you to Rob and the Legions' Grots for letting us host the event at your store.

Updated Campaign Board

The Campaign for Nekar Quintus is progressing smoothly, we've added quite a few new tiles and if your looking to join the campaign out at Legions please talk to Mike.

Starting yesterday the campaign has been bumped up to 1000 points, so folks get your games in at that point level if you can.