Sunday, September 12, 2010

Arkham Insanity Results

The results from the Arkham Insanity Tournament are in. First off, thanks to all who came out and played and thanks to Arkham for allowing us to run the tournament. On to the results:

Aaron - Pedro Marines - 50 pts - 1st Place
Ben - Tyranids - 45 pts - 2nd Place
Ron - Blood Pact Guard - 39 pts 3rd Place

And for the coveted Snake Eyes Award and a new Brick of Dice:

Jason and his Blood Angels

For some reason, the both Blood Angels players in this tournament ended up with horrible dice rolling throughout the day and ended up on the last table. The only thing we have been able to determine is that neither of their dice were sparkly enough to support their armies. That resulted in their failure.

Kill, Maim, Burn. Kill, Maim, Burn

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