Saturday, March 9, 2013

Be-WAAAGH!!! the Ides of March Results

Thanks to everyone that came out and participated in the 2,000 point tournament on Saturday, March 2nd.  Additional thanks to the Legions staff for all of their help.

Best Overall: 
1st                           Lewis S. with dark Eldar (with Eldar allies)
2nd                          Cory D. with Chaos Daemons

Best Painted: 
1st                           Rob C. with Imperial Guard

1st                           Dan B. with Space Wolves (with Blood Angel allies)

The participant with the lowest Battle Points was given new dice, hopefully these dice will treat them better!

As always, the level of painting that our community continues to display is impressive. The participant with the lowest Paint Score was given new brushes to help them on their path to a higher Paint Score in the future.

There were some new faces in the crowd which is always great to see.

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