Sunday, December 18, 2011

Double Down Results!

A big thank you to the folks that braved the cold weather to join us at Gatehouse Games for our December Doubledown Tournament!

Without further ado here are the results:

Best General: Anthony C with his Chaos Marines
Best Sportsman: Chad with his  Deff Rolling Orks
Best Painted: Alex V with his Tyranids - screeeEEEE!!!!!

Congrats guys!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Double Down in December

When: Saturday December 17th
1:00 am - 9:00 pm

Where: Gatehouse Games
208 Hollidaysburg Plaza
Duncansville, PA 16635

What: 1000 point, 3 round Warhammer 40,000 mixed doubles tournament.

Cost: $10 per player to participate. The entry fee covers participation
Awards: Awards will be given for the following categories: Best General, Best Sportsman, Best Painted, and Army Domination.

  • Bring a legal 1000 point Warhammer 40K list from any current Games Workshop codex.

  • Painting requirement: 3 colors minimum and the base must be flocked.

  • All models must be WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). Since this is a Games Workshop tournament, GW and Forgeworld miniatures only.

  • Army lists will be collected and reviewed.

  • If you aren’t sure of a rule or have a question about something during a game – ask! Multiple judges will be available at all times.

  • Pre-registration is not required. 

Download Link: Mission 1

Rules Packet: Click Here

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

End of the Minos Campaign

The Minos Campaign has come and gone, and with it a loyal sub-sector of the Imperium.

Billions are dead in the wake of the Hive Fleet Advance. Eldar Raiders and Necron Tombships were last seen making hasty retreats before their captured worlds were over-run by the great bioships taking orbit...

Congrats to our top three players:

1st place: TJ with his Tyranids "Screeeeeeee!"
2nd place: Shawn K. with his Dark eldar
3rd place: Ron M. with his Necrons. Props to Ron for sticking with his necrons between codexes!

Thank you all and we look forward to holding another campaign in 2012

Monday, November 14, 2011

Steel City Showdown

Thanks to everyone that came out to participate in the Steel City Showdown, with a special thanks to Rob and the Legions Games staff.

Forty players entered but only one was left standing at the end of the day to claim the Steel City Sword, congratulations Lewis. Lewis led his Inquisitor Karamazov commanded army to three victories which earned him the top spot.

Equally important were the Best Sportsman and Best Painted. There were a lot of high sportsmanship scores but Cory was voted favorite opponent by all three of the people that he was matched up against, and he tied for second in battle points. Jason's Necrons were stunning. The players voted for Best Painted and even amidst all of the fantastic looking armies Jason's Necrons stood out, they were even featured on Games Worksop's website,

Best General Lewis S. with Grey Knights
Best Sportsman Cory D. with Chaos Daemons
Best Painted Jason W. with Necrons
Snake Eyes Award Jacob H. with Orks

Rounding out the top 10 finalist were:

2nd: Evan L. with Dark Eldar
2nd: Cory D. with Chaos Daemons
4th: Matt Q. with Chaos Space Marines
5th: Josh F. with Space Wolves
6th: Jack R. with Imperial Guard
7th: Thomas L. with Tyranids
8th: Travis H. with Imperial Guard
9th: Andrew S. with Dark Angels
10th: Dom M. with Imperial Guard

We encourage you to leave feedback about the event. If you have any pictures or videos that you'd like to share let us know.
Ed has provided us with his video of the event to share with everyone, enjoy:

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Steel City Showdown
A Snake Eyes Gaming Tournament for Warhammer 40,000

When: Saturday November 12th
11:00 am - 8:30 pm

Where: Legions Games
1130 Perry Highway
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

What: 1850 point, 3 round Warhammer 40,000 tournament.

Cost: $15 per player to participate. The entry fee covers participation, lunch, and 3 tickets for the raffle, additional tickets can be purchased at the event.

Awards: Awards will be given for the following categories: Best General, Best Sportsman, Best Painted, and Army Domination.


  • Bring a legal 1850 point Warhammer 40K list from any current Games Workshop codex.

  • No painting requirement. There will be an award given to the Best Painted army.

  • All models must be WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). Since this is a Games Workshop tournament, GW and Forgeworld miniatures only.

  • Army lists will be collected and reviewed.

  • If you aren’t sure of a rule or have a question about something during a game – ask! Multiple judges will be available at all times.

  • Pre-registration is not required.

Rules Packet Available for Download Here:

Scenarios Available for Download Here:


Friday, October 21, 2011

Gamesday 2012 Table

So this year we are going for something special

We are taking this, a Devastation class Cruiser:

and turning it into an 18 foot long playable table at Gamesday with all the trimmings, lights, smoke, extra gubbinz even!

We'll keep you updated!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Games Day 2012 Table

Work on the next Games Day Table Starts

This stuff can sure make a mess. Wonder what it will be in the end.

Well the work has started. Many thousand pieces to come.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Minos System - Campaign Update #3

The Necron's have continued to cut a swath thru the Eastern Sector


Joarn IV & Tepes II have fallen... estimated losses unknown... Since then the Necron war-host went missing into deep space south of the galactic plane. Imperial augurs have been blind to their presence since they moved to deep space.


Eldar War-hosts have pushed back the Tyranid advance on Barka III and established a foothold in one of the outer cities.


Elsewhere Imperial forces on Steele & Balian III have pushed off attacking forces of Chaos war-bands exiting from the warp rift.

Narmer II however is another story, imperial forces have been cutoff from their supply routes after Tepes went dark.  Separated guard regiments have become easy pickings for enemy forces


This last Friday in September begins the start of the Blood Harvest.  The warp rift has turned an deep shade of red and whispers of promised power to those who reap the most skulls.

Count all models you kill and victory points for your 3 games from this friday till next thursday.  The player holding the most skulls at the end will be the winner of this months event!!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Minos System - Campaign Update #2

The last campaign week has seen a flurry of activity, Dark Eldar raiders have struck multiple imperial worlds, but always struck where Xenos or "The Great Enemy" has taken root.   

Imperial commanders have not yet acertained the meaning of this...

Across the Sector multiple planets have been struck, on Belial IV the Blood Angel Strike squadron was pushed from the planet.  The Tyranid hive ships have descended to feed....

Population: TOTAL LOSS...  Est. 5bill.


The Mechanicus automated distress signals from M-47 have finally fallen silent, imperial forces have been unable to send any aid and only the worst can be assumed.

Population: 2 mill servitor workers
                 12 Skitarii Regiments


Thermistock V, hub of the western sector sent a horrifying message from is astropathic choir before going silent, forces of the "Bloated" lord had set fire to the Astropathic spire and seperated regiments of imperial guard were succumbing to disease and turning upon one another

Estimated casualites: 12 Infantry Companies
                                5 Mechanized Regiments 

Estimated renegade militia: +++CENSORED BY INQUISITORIAL ORDER+++

Resolution: Deploy Exterminatus fleet from Hydraphur.... EST arrival 2 weeks.


Status of: Redacted by Inquisition

My Lord, the riots continue... Blocks 23-72 are still on lockdown, servitors have executed 12 thousand prisoners so far, total purge will not be complete for weeks yet.  The raids by the great enemy have only netted them weaklings and slaves, we intend to repopulate those sections so they continue to look for "low hanging fruit.

We await your deathwatch teams to escort XXXXXXXXXXX from the lower levels safely.

Only in death does duty end


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Heretical Thoughts: The Second Founding

We have been doing a lot lately with identifying exactly what type of club we are and what we are about. By now, all of you have talked with us at some point in time and some have inquired about joining us. We have finally decided to open up membership. After our most recent meeting, we decided dues would be $20 / year, this includes everyone, even us. So I am sure many of you are asking what do I get for my $20 because I can hang out with you guys for free. Well, here is what you get:

  • First year will get a T-shirt. Once we have a count on how many people will be joining us, we will order the T-shirts that have our logo on them similar to what you have seen us wearing at tourneys. This will be done for new members when they originally join the club. Each year some new Snake Eyes gear will be included in the dues.

  • Leftover money from the 1st year T-shirt purchases will go towards a Snake Eyes Club Member Tourney only. This will be held once per year and will be for all members of Snake Eyes Gaming. Leftover monies from dues will always be used for prize support.

  • In subsequent years, all remaining dues collected will go towards Snake Eyes Gaming tournament prize support and/or anything else we vote on as a group.

  • You get a vote in deciding what we are doing next - Campaigns, Tourneys, Apocalypse Games...

  • Upon request, if you like to blog or want to give it a try, you can have access to post to the Snake Eyes Gaming Blog.

  • Assist with Games Day Tables

  • Assistance with Tournament Design and Running if you would like to run an event, but have never run one before. We can help with mission design, tournament organization, etc.

So, if this sounds like something for you, then contact us using the e-mail or in person at Gatehouse Games or Legions Games. We will of course need a shirt size included in the e-mail and if you prefer to pay via paypal, we will give you the address to do so then. Lastly, please let us know if you are interested in contributing to the blog.


"Let no good deed go unpunished. Let no evil deed go unrewarded."

Minos Campaign - System Update

To all Imperial forces

Snake Eyes gaming is bringing a new narrative driven 3 month campaign at Gatehouse Games in Duncansville.  To those that have already signed up, we welcome you.  To those wishing to join be there friday to receive your starting flags and territory.  We will be closing sign-ups in two weeks.

The story so far:

  • The Minos System is on the edge of Imperial space near what is known as the “Halo Zone”
  • Navigators speak ill omens of the edge of known space, the light of the Astronomicon is very weak there.
  • Minos is one of the clusters Lord Solar Macharius liberated during his great crusade. It is one of the few lucrative clusters this far away from the galactic core.
  • 27 days ago a Warp rift appeared below the galactic plane, imperial forces have been scanning for signs of any activity and the imperial guard have been mobilized.  Astropathic signals have been sent to the Segmentum Fortress at Hydraphur requesting assistance should anything emerge from the rift.
  • 15 days ago one of the Major Colonies went silent, imperial scout ships sent to investigate along the stable warp routes in the region were never heard from.
  • Imperial Intelligence in this sector indicate the presence of a “Shadow” in the warp.
  • Perhaps a Tyranid splinter fleet?

Coincidence that these two foes should appear simultaneously to threaten a stable sector of space? Could the Eldar be the cause?

Tomorrow ends week one and we have a few updates:

Begin report:

Osiri has fallen, the kings of old have awoken. Worse, casualty reports from the front show who regiments of imperial guard wiped out. For now the 120th Tyranic forces have withdrawn to conserve their strength.

Ultramarines from the fabled second company were diverted to Osiri to help stem the tide of Necron agression. 

On then parade fields south of the main manufactorum Cato Sicarius' second and 9th Company ultramines took war to the host of the undying.  Even before the might of the imperial guard and 2 Ultramarine companies the undying host would not relent. All imperial forces were forced to pull back and evacuate the planet.Fortunately for the Imperium no Necron orbital batteries made an appearance, making the evacuation possible.

Casualty Reports show the Tyrannic 120th loss of two infantry companies and one armored regiment.  Rumor is that Cato Sicarius, Hero of Ultramar and foe of the Necrons of Damnos is missing or worse, killed in action. His landraider last seen covered in swarms of Scarabs.

Full casualty reports:

Human: 260 Million
Ab-human: 20 Million, Mostly Manufactorum Gene-bred.
-Censored by Inquisition-: all 30 -Censored by Inquisition- extracted.
Xenos: 300k unconfirmed.

Across the sector there have been unconfirmed reports of Eldar incursions as well, however random, these Eldar have raided Human colonies and fought a chaos incursion on Thermistock IV as well.  So far no imperial contact has been made with these perfidious Eldar.

Don't forget to report your games to !

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Heretical Thoughts: GW Games

In case many of you have not seen it, there was a great article over on Bell of Lost Souls about GW games that we recommend you read if you have not already. So click the link and let us know your thoughts.


"Do You Hear the Voices Too?"

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Heretical Thoughts: The Club

Over the past two years, we have been asked many times what we are about as a club. As Deathwolf has said, there are many announcements coming soon as well, so I thought it would be good to write what the purpose of the club is and what we are trying to accomplish.

Prior to getting into what our club is about, let me state what our club is not:

  • We are not WAAC Gamers. We do not go out and play in a lot of tournaments. Occasionally, we do take the time to go play in them, but we are not a group that goes to GTs to prove we are the best and beat face on other people.

  • We are not in this to be internet personalities. There are enough internet personalities out there already. We do not use our blog to say which army is bad, which tactics are bad or publish hate about GW. It just does not happen here or by us. We are not going to ensure there is a blog post every day.

  • We are not in this as a competition. There are many groups that support the 40k community throughout the state and the nation as well as other countries. It is a small community for the hobby that we participate in and if we do not support each other, we should accept that the community will eventually die and no one wants to see that happen.
So, now that we know who we are not, lets explain what we do.
  • The primary goal of our group is to promote Games Workshop and primarily the Warhammer 40k game within Western Pennsylvania and Northwestern Maryland. We are interested in building the community at the local stores we support. We are there to help new people learn how to play and with advice on how to get started in the hobby. We try to build the community by running campaigns and tournaments at the stores to encourage people to play and have a good time. By building the community, it helps support the local store and ensures that the hobby continues into the future.

  • The next goal is to promote the Games Workshop hobby by participating in Games Days by providing club tables for the event. To date, we have gone to three Games Days and run tables at each one. By doing so, we have built tables that have been as enjoyable making as they have been playing on at Games Day. We have also met a lot of different people at each of the Games Day and continue to talk to a number of those people / groups that share the same goals and enthusiasm that we do.
  • Lastly, it is to have a good time. We have continued to enjoy ourselves as a group because we do not get ourselves wrapped up into believing this hobby is anything but that - a hobby and a game. Pushing little plastic men across tables pretending to shoot people is not something to get angry over as we have seen many people do. It is something to do outside of work, outside of our daily routines to escape from reality for a brief period of time whether it is in modeling, painting or playing the game. We enjoy the hobby for that. We enjoy the hobby by playing the game and then getting a drink afterwards. After all, this was designed as a beer and pretzels type game.
Over the past two years we have been successful at performing both of these goals. We continue to look forward as to what we are going to do next and hopefully, you will see that in the upcoming announcements. Look for more tournaments, new campaigns, apocalypse events as well as many other things. We encourage everyone to get ready for Legions Tournament in November and hope to see you all there.


"And what are the achievements of your fragile Imperium? It is a corpse rotting slowly from within while maggots writhe in its belly. It was built with the toil of heroes and giants, and now it is inhabited by frightened weaklings to whom the glories of those times are half-forgotten legends. I have forgotten nothing and my wisdom has expanded far beyond mere mortal frailties." - Ahriman

Monday, August 22, 2011

Games Day Coverage

Games Workshop has posted their coverage of Games Day Chicago. You can find plenty of pictures and coverage here: Chicago Games Day 2011.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

'Ard Boyz Results
Round 1

Thanks to John, Tim, and Rob for hosting the ‘Ard Boyz events as well as the judges that helped them out and all of the participants that made it such an enjoyable tournament. Below are the local finalists. The finalists are all eligible to play in Round 2 at Legions Games on September 17th.

Arkham Games
1. Heretic – Grey Knights
2. Deathwolf – Space Wolves
3. Great Wolf – Space Wolves

Legions Games
1. Evan – Dark Eldar
2. Adam – Eldar
3. Denny – Tyranids

Gatehouse Games
1. Brad – Space Marines
2. Ron – Orks
3. Matt – Grey Knights

Congratulations to all and I hope to see all of you at Round 2!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cry Havoc
The Saga of Harald Deathwolf

It's been a while since the last Cry Havoc. I decided to restart regular articles with a topic that is close to all memebrs of the Rout's hearts: Sagas.

When I speak of Sagas I don't mean the mechanic for characters in the Space Wolves Codex, although the two are not mutually exclusive. Rather I'm referring to the notion of building a legend for your character. For example, although a telling of the full the Saga of Harld Deathwolf would take many pages, here we can at least recount one of this Son of Russ' most glorius deeds. While taking part in a raid intended to recapture an Ork held planet the forces under Harald's direct command were pitted against an Ork Stompa. Realising that the Stompa would decimate his units if left unchecked, the Deathwolf cjoined the murder-make with the mighty Ork walker, howling out a challenge that was echoed by his massive thunderwolf Icetooth. The Ork behemoth accepted and the two were locked in single combat until more reinforcements could be brought to bear.

Those of you that were not present at Legions's Games Orktoberfest may be wondering exactly what transpired on the table top. Well, the game was winding down Harald Deathwolf and his thunderwolf mounted Wolf Guard attempted to cut the thread of a badly damaged Stompa. The Space Wolves had few melee weapons capable of damaging the Stompa but there were other packs of the Rout hunting in the area. My goal was to hold up the super-heavy walker long enough to assault it with a couple of nearby Grey Hunter packs and hope that the melta bombs, power fists, and thunder hammer could the Stompa down. After killing most of the Thunderwolf Cavalry, the Ork player focussed his attacks on Harald. Harald's frostblade (Str 6) was incapable of inflicting any significant damage to the Stompa whereas a single blow from a titan close combat weapon would cut the Wolf Lord's thread. The Belt of Russ warded the Wolf Lord from harm and the Stompa was unable to claim the killing blow. When the game ended two turns later Harald Deathwolf was still locked in combat with the Stompa.

The Saga of Harald Deathwolf is full of engaging stories of battle heroics and triumphs. Each game that I play provides an opportunity for the skjalds to add new verses to the Wolf Lord's saga. All Warhammer player's immortalize their heroes victories (and defeats) in some way. You may not create narratives, like the one above, for each of their triumphs; but who doesn't fondly recall the time that one of their sergeant made nine armor saves to hold an objective that won them the game. These are the stories that we joke with our friends about, after all someone has to be on he other end of that heroic victory...

Fell free to use the Comments section to post some of your Heroes greatest triumphs.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Gamesday Chicago 2011

We would like to thank everyone who came to the table and participated in our Season of Blood Battle. Also thank you to everyone on the encouraging comments about our models and terrain.

We had a fantastic time and were glad you all had fun, we are making nefarious plans to somehow outdo ourselves next year. may have an interview with one of us shortly on their websites so if you haven't heard of them please go check them out:

As for how we did, well if you were there you heard our name twice, Best attendance and Best Overall!!!

Blood for the Blood God, Skulls for the Skull Throne!!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

To Games Day!

Snake Eyes Gaming is heading to Chicago for Games Day 2011. Over the past couple of months we've posted plenty of pictures detailing the construction process of our tables. Here's one final preview for all of you.
They're finally done and playtested! Thanks to everyone at Legions, Gatehouse Games, and the Warboss Gubbinz's Stompa Factory (Josh's garage) that helped playtest the rules and mechanics of the game.
Wish us luck!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gamesday Table Demo

Come one come all,

On saturday July 9th we will be hosting a 40k day and demo our Gamesday tables to anyone who wants to come out to Warboss Gubbinzs' place and have a good time.  Food and drink will be provided, grilled squigs for all.

If you plan on attending and need directions please rsvp @

See you there!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Seeing Red

Hmm, been seeing red lately and thought others might be too.30 bloodletters

Kill 'em all, let Khorne sort 'em out

Can never have enough Zerkers

Hmm, Lord Solax, Lord Zhufor and Kharne + friends

We will crush you...

Skulltaker, Uraka and Herald

The whole 3200 pts is painted and needed for Games Day. Wonder what we could be doing??

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Battles of the Maelstrom
A Warhammer 40,000 Tournament

When: Sat. June 18th
11:30 am - 8:30 pm

Where: Legions Games
1130 Perry Highway
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

What: 1850 point, 3 round Warhammer 40,000 tournament.

Cost: $10 per player to participate if you have a fully painted army or $15 for players with unpainted armies.
  • All entry fees will be awarded as prize support.
  • Bring a legal 1850 point Warhammer 40K list from any current Games Workshop codex.
  • No painting requirement or paint score. Although there will be an award given to the best painted army.
  • All models must be WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get).
  • Army lists will be collected and reviewed.
  • If you aren’t sure of a rule or have a question about something during a game – ask!
  • Pre-registration is not required.
  • This event is being run by Kirasu. Please direct all inquiries to Kirasu or Legions Games.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Another Week working on Tables

Here is Number 3:

Shaped and textured

Trench time!

Lets make it look homely

orkified hilltop. still needs work

long shot

side entrance to the trench

adding some color, errant lance blast

more brown

adding in some other colors

ok, needs more grimdark

almost ready for flock

Trench looking much better...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

What has Snake Eyes Gaming been up to this week?

I'm glad you asked...

One down, 7 to go...

This guy looks familiar...


hey that grey knights book definitely does not belong here...

there are no words....

Farsight bodyguard eh? i'll show you a bodyguard.

Blood for the Blood God!!!!

Skulls for the Skull Throne!!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Snake Eyes Gaming at Berks Spring Assault II


Club Snake Eyes would like to thank the Berks gaming club out of Berks County near Reading PA:

These gentleman ran a fantastic event and Snake Eyes Gaming was able to sponsor a few tables and even walk away with some prizes.

1st Sportsmanship: Gary K with a BattlefoamPack 720
3rd Sportsmanship: William O with another land raider
3rd Best Appearance: Josh T with a battlewagon
Army Domination: Space Wolves - Mike M with a gift card

We also won a box of necron warriors during a raffle, we're looking to find them a good home.

To the guys at Berks, Thank you for a great event.

Pictures are on the way!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Judgement of Tepes II

The forces of the Emperor of Mankind have managed to hold back the tide of the Ruinous Powers from transforming the Hive World Tepes II into a daemon world. The Timor Crusade slammed into the ranks of the High Cardinal’s Guard regiments and Astartes from the Traitor Legions.

Both sides were supported by numerous God-Machines of the Titan Legions and squads of Super-heavy vehicles. As the battle raged on the veil between real-space and the warp stretched and tore, allowing daemons to enter the fray. It was in this moment, when all seemed lost, that aid arrived from the unlikeliest of places.

As the twisted energy of the warp distorted the Hive World of Tepes II into an echo of Realm of Chaos a shining figure stepped through the warp breach – Lord Kaldor Draigo. Paladins immediately rallied to his presence while the Titansword clove demons asunder. Draigo led the Grey Knights in battle against a horde of Daemons and Traitor Astartes led by a pair of Bloodthirsters and a massive daemon prince that pict-captures revealed bore a disturbing likeness to the arch-traitor Fulgrim. Despite being outnumbered Lord Draigo triumphed over the daemonic forces arrayed before him and preserved the integrity of the Imperial forces flank.

Fighting was fiercest in the densest urban zones of Tepes II. The Blood Angels spearheaded the assault against the renegade and traitor sorcerers conducting the rituals that were spawning warp breaches across the planet. In the midst of the battle the Sanguinor appeared on wings of vengeance to spur the Sons of Sanguinous to victory. Bolstered by the appearance of a legend of the chapter the Blood Angels drove their assault unto base the massive battle platform of the Chaos Sorcerers. Although the Sons of Sanguinous were triumphant their victory came at a steep price – the resultant cataclysmic explosion claimed the lives of nearly a full Battle Company. The Astartes pyrrhic victory proved to also be devastating to the Traitors holding the planet.

Outside the hive walls an Imperial Guard armored fist faced off against a Banelord of Khorne supported by scores of lesser daemon engines and squads of Traitor Legionnaires. The guns of the Imperial Guard tank aces decimated the host of the Ruinous Powers arrayed before them. Even a last ditch breakthrough attempt by the Iron Warriors and World Eaters was scattered by the Sledgehammer of the Emperor.

The Emperor Protects!

Thanks to the roughly 15 participants that brought out there wonderful looking models to participate in this themed game. The turn out was great and we'll look at doing more events like this in the future. Below are some pictures of the Judgment of Tepes II.