Sunday, September 15, 2013

Snake Eyes Gaming Launch Weekend

Hello everyone,  I wanted to let everyone know our first official launch weekend of the store we will be October the 4th and the kickoff for some 40k goodness.
Warhammer 40k Episode 7: A New Codex

You can participate by playing Standard & Team games as well as Killteam & Battlefleet Gothic.
BFG Fleets will battle for the warp routes on the maps and blockading planets.
Killteam games can be played on any tile and will give a special bonus for their side the next time a standard or team game is played on the tile.

Players at the start will be given 3 flags, the Crusade of Fire will be able to place first.

Crusade of Fire
  • Space Marines
  • Grey Knights
  • Eldar
  • Blood Angels
  • Imperial Guard(*)
  • Dark Angels(*)
  • Tau(*)  

Prophets of Ruin
  • Chaos Marines
  • Chaos Guard
  • Imperial Guard(*)
  • Dark Angels(*)
  • Orks - WAAAAGH!
  • Dark Eldar
  • Necrons
  • Tau(*)
* Armies with a * may join the side of their choosing.

Friday we will be taking signups for a new Warhammer 40k Planetary Empires campaign friday evening.
Saturday there will be an Apocolypse battle that will determine the fate of Balian III.  Bring 2500 points of your favorite force.  Come and have fun, pizza will be ordered for us by our sponsors!

Also voting continues for the next game board.  So far Mordenheim and Titan Manufactorum are tied at 14 votes a piece!  Make your voice be heard and vote at the store or with our contact form!

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