Sunday, December 5, 2010

Legions 1850 Tournament Results

A big thank you to the Legions crew and players who came out and made Saturday a great day of gaming.

We were able to give away over $400 worth of prizes. Here are the results:

Best Overall: Dominic with his Imperial Guard, 71 out of 72 points
Best General: Evan L with his Black Legion.
Best Painted Army: Andrew M with his Iron Warriors

The Skull-Taker went to Steve R. Who was able to successfully reap the first HQ kill after it was announced in round 3. Enjoy those Plague Marines!

Random prizes: A Space Wolf Rune Priest went to Martin Y. Anthony L and Matt are the proud owners of a new Games Day 2010 Chaos Sorcerer.

Our Snake Eyes award went to John T. Thank you John for being such a good sport.


  1. I had a great time. This was my 1st tournament and it was a lot of fun with good opponents and good scenarios. My Storm Wardens will definitely make an appearance at future tournaments hosted by you guys. Thanks for the fun time.

  2. I agree with Ron, this was my first tournament as well and much fun was had. Scenarios were well balanced and thought out, while still retained a competitive overtone. I enjoyed the opponents and I hope they would say the same. Looking forward to more 40k with snake Eyes!

  3. This was my 3rd tournament with snake eyes, and they are always fun. Maybe someday my Kabal of the unpainted raider will become painted :)

    Shrike is a coward and ran away...just saying Ron.

  4. Mike, i was kidding about your kabal name, really!