Tuesday, April 30, 2013

UPJ Charirty & Doubles Tournament Results

Hello Folks!
Many thanks go out to everyone who showed up to share their Saturday with us.  Combined totals we were able to give away around 650$ in prizes and raise 185+ for charity. 

The UPJ Roleplaying Club has kindly forwarded us a nice letter from the food bank we'd like to share.

Also if anyone missed our donations to Doctors without Borders was submitted, you can see it on their website Here:

Results are definately overdue so where we are...

Best Overall: "Team Winnar" Louis & Corey (DE/Nids)

Best General: "The Superfriends" Alex & Tyler (Tau/Guard)
Best General 2: "Team Hungover" Evan & Grant

Best Sportsman: "I Don't Know" Chad & Logan
Best Sportsman 2: "Castle AAAAGGGGGGggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"Matt & Frank

Best Painted: "TMNT" TJ & Dave

Here we see a judge in the wild during paint scoring...

Best Painted 2: "Old & Crazy" Matt & Sarah (Ultramarines/Necrons)

First Amongst Equals: Logan

Team Spirit: "Puss Birds" Ron & Shawn (Nurgle/Tzeetch)

Pictures and the slideshow are here: Link