Tuesday, November 25, 2014

New Project with an Old Plan

Winter is coming (the pun is partially intended), and as such it is a great time to start a new project. Each year I seem to get involved in a new hobby project to carry me through the dark depths of winter. I find that having something creative to spend the cold evening where I can’t be outside gives me something to look forward to. It should be noted that I do not generally make a conscious decision to go out and start something new because it’s getting cold.  It just so happens that about this time of year I find a project to get interested in and work on it most of the winter. In the past, I’ve worked on White Scars, Tau, and DeadZone as my winter project.
Like most years, I wasn’t even thinking about a new project. And then a shadow of an idea started to grow in my mind causing me to look at models and think about paint schemes. Eventually I realized I was on to something and purchased enough to get me started.
It all started during the End Times. I have not played Warhammer Fantasy more than a handful of times since 6th edition. As whispers of the End Times started to surface though I couldn’t ignore them. Named Special Characters with models dead? Nagash returned? An apocalyptic breath of air was blown into the Warhammer Fantasy universe and it made me want to participate. Now that I had the urge to begin working on a Fantasy army I had to decide on which force I would begin working, there are a lot of cool models and a lot of cool rules so it was quite a decision.
In the end I came up with a simple solution, I’ve always liked the Lizardmen but never owned or painted any of their models. I ordered a couple of Skink Regiment, Saurus Regiment, and Carnosaur and got started working. I’m still working on setting out exactly what my goal is (i.e. am I shooting for 2,500 points or 2,000 points or what?) but I expect to have the first 1,000 points completed soon so you may see them coming soon to a table near you. A couple of small point value games will probably indicate on which units I will be spending the winter months.
What projects are all of you currently working on? Please feel free to share them below.