Sunday, October 20, 2013

Campaign Update: A New Codex

The Campaign has kicked off and there has been a flurry of activity.

Warp gates on the Prime world of Balian III have been sundered by the forces of the Imperium and their fickle Eldar allies.

The Daemon Lord Kraxis was unable to fully complete his ritual and the warp duct seen in the sky over Balian III has quieted.  Astropaths from Balian III and Explorator augeries have determined that there will be a resurgence from the warp duct at the end of October!  Doomsayers and vagrants litter the already choked hive city streets proclaiming that the end is nigh!

Governer Olstein has ordered all remaining PDF guard to take defensive positions around the primary hive and lock down all transport off world.  Necron Ships have been sighted at the edge of sensors and all civilian transports not stopped from leaving the planet have gone missing.

Hive Fleet Lannigan has been spotted too late entering the system and Barka III is under full assault.  Combined forces of the Ultramarines, Ravenguard and Imperial fists have been deployed to contain the threat & Marneus Calgar is personally leading the fleet assets in space above the planet.

Space Wolf Scouts have even been seen making heroic sacrifices by infiltrating and attacking spore chimneys deep behind enemy lines.

On the other side of the sector the warp routes between Caterina and Balian III have collapsed and the fleets guarding it have disappeared.  Imperial forces cut off are digging in awaiting the first sign of treachery from the Dark Eldar on Nauglam II.

M-47 remains secure in Mechanicum control and they are coming closer to plundering its secrets.

Since the events on Balian III, Narmer has seen an explosion of life. Gigantic swarms of fly's have been stripping agriculture lands bare and strange shapes have been seen moving in the wetlands and swamps that dot the landscape.

More to come in update two this week!