Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Gamesday 2012 Snake Eyes Gaming Table

Measure twice, cut once, pound to fit.

The front prow once carved

Machine Spirit Vault, oh the fun you'll have down there...


Lance Batteries

Who doesn't like a fighting pit?

Medicae section

Hangar service elevator

Extra catwalk

One of the entry ramps to the engineering section

Hangar Deck from the front side

The guys and I working on the table before it got too large :)
Well, we got the engines working, just need the exhaust.
The long view...

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Farewell to 5th Edition
A Snake Eyes Gaming Warhammer 40,000 Tournament

When: Saturday June 16th
11:00 am - 8:30 pm

Where: Legions Games
1130 Perry Highway
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

What: 1850 point, 3 round Warhammer 40,000 tournament.

Cost: $20 per player to participate. The entry fee covers participation and lunch, which will be provided between Rounds 2 and 3.

Awards: Awards will be given for the following categories: Best General, Best Sportsman, Best Painted, and Snake Eyes Dice.

  • Bring a legal 1850 point Warhammer 40K list from any current Games Workshop codex.
  • Forge World is permitted with approval from the judges PRIOR to the day of the event.  You must bring the rules for any Forge World unit with you on the day of the tournament.  See below for a list of Forge World units that have all ready been approved for use, we will keep this list updated.  Email requests to:  *No Super Heavy Vehicles or Gargantuan Creatures.

  • No painting requirement. There will be an award given to the Best Painted army.

  • All models must be WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). Since this is a Games Workshop tournament, all models must be based on GW and Forgeworld miniatures.

  • Army lists will be collected and reviewed.

  • If you aren’t sure of a rule or have a question about something during a game – ask! Multiple judges will be available at all times.

  • Pre-registration is not required.

Forge World units that are currently cleared for use:
  • Land Raider Achilles
  • Land Raider Helios
  • Land Raider Prometheus
  • Caestus Assault Ram
  • Contemptor Dreadnoughts (All Patterns)
  • Siege Pattern Dreadnought
  • Any Special Space Marine Special Character from IA 9 or 10
  • Space Marine Siege Assault Vanguard Army List
  • Commander Shas’o R’ala
  • Commander Shas'O R'Myr
  • Pathfinder Tetras
  • Piranha TX-42
  • Tau XV9 Hazard Battlesuit
  • Tau XV9-01 Battesuilt 
  • Necron Tomb Stalker 
  • Eldar Warp Hunter 
  •  Death Korps of Krieg Siege Army List
  • Mole Launcher
  • Imperial Heavy Mortar 
  • Imperial Quad Launcher "Thudd Gun"
  • Hades Breaching Drill
  • Imperial Guard Centaur (All Patterns)
  •  Cyclops Demolition Vehicle
  • Thunderer Siege Tank
  • Chaos Decimator Daemon Engine
It appears that this will not just be our last 5th Edition tournament but also the last weekend that we'll have 5th Edition.  Enjoy: