Thursday, September 8, 2011

Heretical Thoughts: The Second Founding

We have been doing a lot lately with identifying exactly what type of club we are and what we are about. By now, all of you have talked with us at some point in time and some have inquired about joining us. We have finally decided to open up membership. After our most recent meeting, we decided dues would be $20 / year, this includes everyone, even us. So I am sure many of you are asking what do I get for my $20 because I can hang out with you guys for free. Well, here is what you get:

  • First year will get a T-shirt. Once we have a count on how many people will be joining us, we will order the T-shirts that have our logo on them similar to what you have seen us wearing at tourneys. This will be done for new members when they originally join the club. Each year some new Snake Eyes gear will be included in the dues.

  • Leftover money from the 1st year T-shirt purchases will go towards a Snake Eyes Club Member Tourney only. This will be held once per year and will be for all members of Snake Eyes Gaming. Leftover monies from dues will always be used for prize support.

  • In subsequent years, all remaining dues collected will go towards Snake Eyes Gaming tournament prize support and/or anything else we vote on as a group.

  • You get a vote in deciding what we are doing next - Campaigns, Tourneys, Apocalypse Games...

  • Upon request, if you like to blog or want to give it a try, you can have access to post to the Snake Eyes Gaming Blog.

  • Assist with Games Day Tables

  • Assistance with Tournament Design and Running if you would like to run an event, but have never run one before. We can help with mission design, tournament organization, etc.

So, if this sounds like something for you, then contact us using the e-mail or in person at Gatehouse Games or Legions Games. We will of course need a shirt size included in the e-mail and if you prefer to pay via paypal, we will give you the address to do so then. Lastly, please let us know if you are interested in contributing to the blog.


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Minos Campaign - System Update

To all Imperial forces

Snake Eyes gaming is bringing a new narrative driven 3 month campaign at Gatehouse Games in Duncansville.  To those that have already signed up, we welcome you.  To those wishing to join be there friday to receive your starting flags and territory.  We will be closing sign-ups in two weeks.

The story so far:

  • The Minos System is on the edge of Imperial space near what is known as the “Halo Zone”
  • Navigators speak ill omens of the edge of known space, the light of the Astronomicon is very weak there.
  • Minos is one of the clusters Lord Solar Macharius liberated during his great crusade. It is one of the few lucrative clusters this far away from the galactic core.
  • 27 days ago a Warp rift appeared below the galactic plane, imperial forces have been scanning for signs of any activity and the imperial guard have been mobilized.  Astropathic signals have been sent to the Segmentum Fortress at Hydraphur requesting assistance should anything emerge from the rift.
  • 15 days ago one of the Major Colonies went silent, imperial scout ships sent to investigate along the stable warp routes in the region were never heard from.
  • Imperial Intelligence in this sector indicate the presence of a “Shadow” in the warp.
  • Perhaps a Tyranid splinter fleet?

Coincidence that these two foes should appear simultaneously to threaten a stable sector of space? Could the Eldar be the cause?

Tomorrow ends week one and we have a few updates:

Begin report:

Osiri has fallen, the kings of old have awoken. Worse, casualty reports from the front show who regiments of imperial guard wiped out. For now the 120th Tyranic forces have withdrawn to conserve their strength.

Ultramarines from the fabled second company were diverted to Osiri to help stem the tide of Necron agression. 

On then parade fields south of the main manufactorum Cato Sicarius' second and 9th Company ultramines took war to the host of the undying.  Even before the might of the imperial guard and 2 Ultramarine companies the undying host would not relent. All imperial forces were forced to pull back and evacuate the planet.Fortunately for the Imperium no Necron orbital batteries made an appearance, making the evacuation possible.

Casualty Reports show the Tyrannic 120th loss of two infantry companies and one armored regiment.  Rumor is that Cato Sicarius, Hero of Ultramar and foe of the Necrons of Damnos is missing or worse, killed in action. His landraider last seen covered in swarms of Scarabs.

Full casualty reports:

Human: 260 Million
Ab-human: 20 Million, Mostly Manufactorum Gene-bred.
-Censored by Inquisition-: all 30 -Censored by Inquisition- extracted.
Xenos: 300k unconfirmed.

Across the sector there have been unconfirmed reports of Eldar incursions as well, however random, these Eldar have raided Human colonies and fought a chaos incursion on Thermistock IV as well.  So far no imperial contact has been made with these perfidious Eldar.

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Heretical Thoughts: GW Games

In case many of you have not seen it, there was a great article over on Bell of Lost Souls about GW games that we recommend you read if you have not already. So click the link and let us know your thoughts.


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