Sunday, June 27, 2010

Showdown in Ligonier!

Club Snake Eyes and the Toy Soldier Gallery are at it again!

When: July 10th @ 10:00am until 4:30pm!

What: 200 point kill team and 500 point City Fight! Bring both to compete for best overall!

Where: Ligonier Valley Library
120 West Main St.
Ligonier, PA 15658

Cost: Yep you guessed it, it’s free as always!

There will be prize support.


  • No painting is required but all models must be what you see is what you get. No proxying, no counts as, GW and Forgeworld mini’s only for this GW tournament. Painting may be used as a tiebreaker if needed.
  • Kill team rules are per the Battlemissions book, which is 0-1 elite, 0-2 troop and 0-1 fast attack. Max 200 points, and choose 3 models to give a special ability to (chose from the universal special rules on page 74-75 of rulebook.)
  • City Fight army must be an army of no more then 500 points comprised of 0-1 HQ, 0-1 elite, 1-6 troop, 0-1 fast and 0-1 heavy, with no vehicles with rear armor over 10 allowed.
  • Extra tables will be on hand for open gaming.
  • Army lists will be collected and reviewed.
  • Cheating will be discouraged and punished. If you aren’t sure of a rule during a game, ask! We will have all rulebooks, FAQ’s and the adepticon FAQ on hand, as well as having multiple judges available at all times to make sure everyone plays fair and for fun!
  • Please feel free to question us ahead of time with any possible issues or prior to the start of gaming.(
  • Pre-registration is not required, we have room for 32 people, just be there ready to play Saturday morning and we will get you in the game!!