Friday, October 18, 2013

The Rescue of I'Cath
A Snake Eyes Gaming Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse Event

Legions Hobbies & Games

Pines Plaza Shopping Center
1130 Perry Hwy
Pittsburgh, PA 15237
(412) 366-3725

Saturday, October 19th
12:00PM –General Muster Sounds

Apocalypse Game on 2 linked tables.


At Noon we will split all participants into two sides and determine a points limit for the battle. Each side will nominate their Commanding officer.

This battle will take place across two linked tables. The feral world of I'Cath and the Chaos Cruiser Hades Wrath. A number of preplanned events will be announced by the game organizers throughout the afternoon.

This is an Apocalypse Game so bring your Superheavies and most valiant heroes - the Imperium will need it's greatest champions and weapons to rescue I'Cath from the clutches of the foul sorceress Tsien Chian.


The Imperial world of I’Cath is a feral world that is well-known for its recruitment for the Imperial Guard and the infamous I’Cath Lancers. The people have a hearty stock, and often times have to fight the environment as much as themselves to survive. It is a near medieval world with little Imperial technology after its devastation during the Macharian wars. 

Tsien Chiang was a strange child. When she was born she was thought to be unique, but at the tender age of 7 she discovered her true powers. The world knew of psykers as they had an astropathic choir and had been visited by the Black Ships previously, but for some reason Tsien was missed. After devastating a village with a pyromantic display she fled into the forest to take her chance with the beasts of the world as opposed to being hunted down by the Imperial Governor Tathor and his cohort.

As she grew and the years past her story passed into the realm of myth and fable, the tale of a hideous witch that lived in the deep forest that was able to control and manipulate the land about her. It became something to frighten the children by the campfire in the evening. No -one seriously believed that a small 7 year old girl would be able to survive in the wilds of I’Cath. The truth, was far worse, Tsien grew to be a beautiful young woman and her natural psychic talent became a coveted object of the Chaos Gods. When she was alone and cold she was comforted by their promises of wealth and power. She used her natural powers to subdue the local flora and fauna to her will and began to delve deeper into the darkness by partaking in sacrificial rights to the Dark Gods.
One day while the Imperial Governor Tathor and his cohort were hunting in the forest they came upon a beautiful naked young woman. They thought her to be a lost villager who had somehow lost her way in the forest and miraculously survived. The Imperial Governor Tathor was so smitten by her that he asked her to be his bride. Little did he know of Tsien’s true intent. Tsien obliged and wormed her way into the high courts of the government and began to subvert the upper echelons from the Imperial Creed into the realms of darkness. Tathor was none the wiser. As more and more villagers began to disappear and their dismembered corpses were found in the forest, and Tathor believed that some Great Beast was slaughtering his people. 

As more and more people were sacrificed the turbulence in the Warp increased around I’Cath drawing the attention of the Dark Gods as well as Ahriman, Exile of the Thousand Sons. Ever in need of Psykers and Psyker slaves Ahriman became interested in the turbulence generated by Tsien and her sacrifices and began to approach I’Cath to investigate.

On the eve that Tathor was to embark on his Great Hunt for the Beast Tsien revealed her true nature. She began to decimate the castle and surroundings and went forth to destroy her beloved husband. Tathor was fearful that the powers of Chaos had possessed his wife and he desperately tried to seek out the Astropathic Choir to relay a distress message. The signal was amplified as Tsien murdered the Choir and a desperate scream was relayed into the Warp. A passing crusade force of a multitude of Imperials including Space Marines, Guardsmen, and the Inquisition intercepted the message and set forth for I’Cath with undue haste.

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