Saturday, December 11, 2010

Not so secret board updates

Lets add some skulls
the molds came out pretty well

First coat is going down great

Keeping the center clean for now

Brass Girders for Khorne!

Really happy with the initial color, and the crater effects

Needs more Cowbe... err skulls.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Secret Board Updates


After, I'd say the lighting is going quite nicely

some extra features

The other side.

Wait till you see what goes in the center of that star...

Monday, December 6, 2010

Heretical Thoughts

As a new part of our blog, we have decided to start posting more commentary and thoughts as we are looking to drive more discussion on the blog. So you will see a lot of these articles start popping up in the near future. Many of you have commented you would like to see articles that you can comment on and we are looking to make this blog more of a community rather than a tournament announcement setting, though you will still see that occurring as well. Therefore, in starting the series of articles, I think the picture here just about says it all and we are going to talk about the Wasting husk that is the immortal emperor of mankind.

As everyone is aware, the emperor is essentially a lifeless body with some psychic awareness left. He has been this way for many years and during this time, living people have committed many atrocities in his name. But in order to understand this, we need to look at what we do know of the emperor.
  1. The emperor is an ego maniac. He pretends to be a god by abolishing all other religions. He then proceeds with creating genetic beings from scratch in the name of pursuing conquest of the galaxy though there are many other lifeforms present. Unless you kneel to the emperor, you are a heretic. Rather narrow view of the whole situation. What about the other Xenos out there. Can't we all just get along?

  2. He is supposedly the most powerful psychic that ever lived, yet could not foresee his own demise or the entire corruption of Horus and others? He is a strong psychic, but not strong enough to stand against the chaos gods and live or at least become rotting shell.

  3. Since his internment into the Golden Throne, many atrocities have been committed in his name all for the sake and betterment of mankind. Entire populations are subjugated and bent to imperial will. Those people are mandated to work their entire lives and not speak against the governing body and the "holy" emperor. If this occurs, his forces are unleashed upon the world in his name to reclaim the world and show the heretics the righteous cause. Mankind are slaves to the imperial warmachine and as such have no rights other than to be good and we might respond to your distress call for aid when someone attacks you though it will probably be way to late. However, don't worry, we will reclaim the planet and repopulate it later in the God-Emperors Name.
Those are a few brief reasons as to why the False Emperor is nothing compared to the Gods of Chaos. Here are a few reasons to swell the ranks of Chaos further.

  1. How many parties have you heard of the Imperium having? Slaanesh has music, art, drugs and many other baseless perversions to offer. We won't tell your dad about it either.

  2. Your not going to die by following Nurgle. Yes you might smell a bit, pieces might fall off, but short of finding yourself on the wrong end of a gun, the Plaguefather will guide you through any diseases you might get.

  3. For those of you are are mad at the world, Khorne offers hope and a way to vent your rage. What better way to control your anger, hatred and thirst for blood by killing the imperial lapdogs in their structured societies.

  4. For all of those who know it all and like to engage in intellectual discussions while looking for magical artifacts we have Tzeentch. After all, whats better than grabbing a few minions of lesser intellect than yourself and using them to fight your battles for you while gallivanting around the Galaxy looking for mystical items. These guys are the true Knights of the Grail, dust for thousands of years and still going strong.
So rather than worship one pathetic mortal, why not choose 4 gods. If you can't choose just one, then just throw off the yoke of oppression and join us for some wanton mayhem and good times. Excess, Disease, Blood and Magic are included for only the price of the remainder of your life.

Heresy (Its good for the mind and body)


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Legions 1850 Tournament Results

A big thank you to the Legions crew and players who came out and made Saturday a great day of gaming.

We were able to give away over $400 worth of prizes. Here are the results:

Best Overall: Dominic with his Imperial Guard, 71 out of 72 points
Best General: Evan L with his Black Legion.
Best Painted Army: Andrew M with his Iron Warriors

The Skull-Taker went to Steve R. Who was able to successfully reap the first HQ kill after it was announced in round 3. Enjoy those Plague Marines!

Random prizes: A Space Wolf Rune Priest went to Martin Y. Anthony L and Matt are the proud owners of a new Games Day 2010 Chaos Sorcerer.

Our Snake Eyes award went to John T. Thank you John for being such a good sport.