Tuesday, March 19, 2013

40k Paired Doubles Tournament/Food Drive at Pitt Johnstown

Snake Eyes Gaming and The UPJ Roleplaying Games Club are proud to announce the first ever Warhammer 40k Paired Doubles Tournament on the Pitt Johnstown Campus!

In addition to the food drive we will be selling Re-roll tickets, all proceeds will be going towards Doctors Without Borders

- University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown
  450 Schoolhouse Road, 

  Johnstown, Pennsylvania 15904
- The event will be in the Cambria Room of the Student Union. If you need help navigating the campus, or help finding parking, just ask!
- This is event is open to the public, not just students of the campus.

- April 13th, 2013

- Registration for teams will open at 10 AM.
- First Round begins at 11 AM.
- Teams will register together, but both players must pay an entry fee.


- 3 round, paired doubles tournament at 1000 points per player (for a total of 2000 points per side). This means if possible, you will choose a partner ahead of time. If you cannot find a partner, but still wish to participate, you will be randomly paired with one on the day of the tournament.

- You and your opponent's lists are separate 1000 point lists, and you cannot give or take points/force organization slots from your partner.
- Bring five copies of your printed list (one for you, one for the TOs, and three to give to your opponents.
- Models do not have to be painted to participate, however not painting your models will disqualify you from getting a painting score.
- Models must be WYSIWYG. Proxies will not be allowed. This means no pieces of paper with the word "Rhino" written on them, no orks counting as blood angels, etc.


- 10 Dollars per person, plus
one canned or boxed non-perishable food item to donate to charity.
- This fee does not include a lunch, however there is a student store directly across from the location that has snacks. There is also a shop upstairs that serves food, but on weekends it is only open after six.

- Best General
- Best Painted
- Best Sportsman
(Possibility for more prizes depending on attendance.)

6th Edition
- Allies are NOT permitted, as all teammates will be treated as "Battle Brothers" (pg. 112) for purposes of determining who is affected by psyker powers, Warlord Traits, etc.
- Players will roll for Warlord Traits prior to each game.
- Each player receives 1 Force Organization slot for Fortifications. (We are still deciding if we are going to allow the Skyshield Landing Pad or the Fortress of Redemption due to space restrictions.)
- Terrain will be set up by judges before the event.
- If the rumored Tau codex is released on April 6th, it will be fully legal for the event.

- Missions are here

Forge World:

- Forge world army lists and units are permitted with prior approval from judges.
- You MUST provide the most complete and up to date rules for any and all Forgeworld units to your opponent and judges for perusing at any point. If you have a question about which book you should be using, let the judges know.
- Models must have the 40k stamp of approval to be used. This means no experimental rules, super heavy vehicles, gargantuan creatures, or apocalypse formations.
- If you wish to use a list from an Imperial Armor book that does not have the stamp of approval, see the judges before the event for approval.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below, or direct them to any Snake Eyes Gaming Member/Officer of the UPJ Roleplaying Games Club.

Hope to see you there!