Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Magic the Gathering - The League

Over the past few weeks, we have been talking with multiple people in the Magic the Gathering Community at the store.  One of the more interesting ideas was a league that would promote people going to the Grand Prix in the area and representing the store there.  After thinking about this and working on the logistics, we have decided to move forward with supporting a new Magic League at the store.  We cannot take credit for the league, but believe that it is something the community would like to see and participate in going forward.  We know it is just a short time away, but the first Grand Prix we will be sending people to is in Washington D.C. on November 16th and 17th.  After this Grand Prix, we will be targeting the Philadelphia Grand Prix next year with a new league.  We will be assisting up to 7 people to go to Grand Prix DC this year.

So how does the league work and what do I need to do to be eligible?  It is rather easy and requires nothing of you other than what you are already doing - playing Magic.  In order to play in the league, show up on a normal Friday to draft or any other day you would like to draft with some of your friends.  The cost to draft for the League is $12.  We will also be running Standard, Modern, EDH and Legacy Tournaments for League Points as well. Play in the draft or constructed events and hopefully win some games.  Each week at the store,  we will post the standings which will be determined as follows:

4 points for 1st Place
3 Points for 2nd Place
2 Points for 3rd Place
1 Point for Showing up and playing

We will also post the current amount of money in the pool to help facilitate people going to the Grand Prix as well.  Normal prize support for each individual event will be given out as well as though it were a standard FNM event.  The week before the Grand Prix, we will be contacting the 7 top players for the Washington D.C. Grand Prix and notifying them.  

So you may be asking, what if I don't want to play in the league, but still want to draft.  You can still buy our packs at normal price, $3.33 ea. Points are only awarded to the league members depending on how they did during the draft.

The current league is running, but there are still many spots up for grabs.  Come in and play.

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