Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Judgement of Tepes II

The forces of the Emperor of Mankind have managed to hold back the tide of the Ruinous Powers from transforming the Hive World Tepes II into a daemon world. The Timor Crusade slammed into the ranks of the High Cardinal’s Guard regiments and Astartes from the Traitor Legions.

Both sides were supported by numerous God-Machines of the Titan Legions and squads of Super-heavy vehicles. As the battle raged on the veil between real-space and the warp stretched and tore, allowing daemons to enter the fray. It was in this moment, when all seemed lost, that aid arrived from the unlikeliest of places.

As the twisted energy of the warp distorted the Hive World of Tepes II into an echo of Realm of Chaos a shining figure stepped through the warp breach – Lord Kaldor Draigo. Paladins immediately rallied to his presence while the Titansword clove demons asunder. Draigo led the Grey Knights in battle against a horde of Daemons and Traitor Astartes led by a pair of Bloodthirsters and a massive daemon prince that pict-captures revealed bore a disturbing likeness to the arch-traitor Fulgrim. Despite being outnumbered Lord Draigo triumphed over the daemonic forces arrayed before him and preserved the integrity of the Imperial forces flank.

Fighting was fiercest in the densest urban zones of Tepes II. The Blood Angels spearheaded the assault against the renegade and traitor sorcerers conducting the rituals that were spawning warp breaches across the planet. In the midst of the battle the Sanguinor appeared on wings of vengeance to spur the Sons of Sanguinous to victory. Bolstered by the appearance of a legend of the chapter the Blood Angels drove their assault unto base the massive battle platform of the Chaos Sorcerers. Although the Sons of Sanguinous were triumphant their victory came at a steep price – the resultant cataclysmic explosion claimed the lives of nearly a full Battle Company. The Astartes pyrrhic victory proved to also be devastating to the Traitors holding the planet.

Outside the hive walls an Imperial Guard armored fist faced off against a Banelord of Khorne supported by scores of lesser daemon engines and squads of Traitor Legionnaires. The guns of the Imperial Guard tank aces decimated the host of the Ruinous Powers arrayed before them. Even a last ditch breakthrough attempt by the Iron Warriors and World Eaters was scattered by the Sledgehammer of the Emperor.

The Emperor Protects!

Thanks to the roughly 15 participants that brought out there wonderful looking models to participate in this themed game. The turn out was great and we'll look at doing more events like this in the future. Below are some pictures of the Judgment of Tepes II.

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