Saturday, September 17, 2011

Minos System - Campaign Update #2

The last campaign week has seen a flurry of activity, Dark Eldar raiders have struck multiple imperial worlds, but always struck where Xenos or "The Great Enemy" has taken root.   

Imperial commanders have not yet acertained the meaning of this...

Across the Sector multiple planets have been struck, on Belial IV the Blood Angel Strike squadron was pushed from the planet.  The Tyranid hive ships have descended to feed....

Population: TOTAL LOSS...  Est. 5bill.


The Mechanicus automated distress signals from M-47 have finally fallen silent, imperial forces have been unable to send any aid and only the worst can be assumed.

Population: 2 mill servitor workers
                 12 Skitarii Regiments


Thermistock V, hub of the western sector sent a horrifying message from is astropathic choir before going silent, forces of the "Bloated" lord had set fire to the Astropathic spire and seperated regiments of imperial guard were succumbing to disease and turning upon one another

Estimated casualites: 12 Infantry Companies
                                5 Mechanized Regiments 

Estimated renegade militia: +++CENSORED BY INQUISITORIAL ORDER+++

Resolution: Deploy Exterminatus fleet from Hydraphur.... EST arrival 2 weeks.


Status of: Redacted by Inquisition

My Lord, the riots continue... Blocks 23-72 are still on lockdown, servitors have executed 12 thousand prisoners so far, total purge will not be complete for weeks yet.  The raids by the great enemy have only netted them weaklings and slaves, we intend to repopulate those sections so they continue to look for "low hanging fruit.

We await your deathwatch teams to escort XXXXXXXXXXX from the lower levels safely.

Only in death does duty end


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