Thursday, September 8, 2011

Heretical Thoughts: The Second Founding

We have been doing a lot lately with identifying exactly what type of club we are and what we are about. By now, all of you have talked with us at some point in time and some have inquired about joining us. We have finally decided to open up membership. After our most recent meeting, we decided dues would be $20 / year, this includes everyone, even us. So I am sure many of you are asking what do I get for my $20 because I can hang out with you guys for free. Well, here is what you get:

  • First year will get a T-shirt. Once we have a count on how many people will be joining us, we will order the T-shirts that have our logo on them similar to what you have seen us wearing at tourneys. This will be done for new members when they originally join the club. Each year some new Snake Eyes gear will be included in the dues.

  • Leftover money from the 1st year T-shirt purchases will go towards a Snake Eyes Club Member Tourney only. This will be held once per year and will be for all members of Snake Eyes Gaming. Leftover monies from dues will always be used for prize support.

  • In subsequent years, all remaining dues collected will go towards Snake Eyes Gaming tournament prize support and/or anything else we vote on as a group.

  • You get a vote in deciding what we are doing next - Campaigns, Tourneys, Apocalypse Games...

  • Upon request, if you like to blog or want to give it a try, you can have access to post to the Snake Eyes Gaming Blog.

  • Assist with Games Day Tables

  • Assistance with Tournament Design and Running if you would like to run an event, but have never run one before. We can help with mission design, tournament organization, etc.

So, if this sounds like something for you, then contact us using the e-mail or in person at Gatehouse Games or Legions Games. We will of course need a shirt size included in the e-mail and if you prefer to pay via paypal, we will give you the address to do so then. Lastly, please let us know if you are interested in contributing to the blog.


"Let no good deed go unpunished. Let no evil deed go unrewarded."

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