Tuesday, August 16, 2011

'Ard Boyz Results
Round 1

Thanks to John, Tim, and Rob for hosting the ‘Ard Boyz events as well as the judges that helped them out and all of the participants that made it such an enjoyable tournament. Below are the local finalists. The finalists are all eligible to play in Round 2 at Legions Games on September 17th.

Arkham Games
1. Heretic – Grey Knights
2. Deathwolf – Space Wolves
3. Great Wolf – Space Wolves

Legions Games
1. Evan – Dark Eldar
2. Adam – Eldar
3. Denny – Tyranids

Gatehouse Games
1. Brad – Space Marines
2. Ron – Orks
3. Matt – Grey Knights

Congratulations to all and I hope to see all of you at Round 2!

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