Friday, September 30, 2011

Minos System - Campaign Update #3

The Necron's have continued to cut a swath thru the Eastern Sector


Joarn IV & Tepes II have fallen... estimated losses unknown... Since then the Necron war-host went missing into deep space south of the galactic plane. Imperial augurs have been blind to their presence since they moved to deep space.


Eldar War-hosts have pushed back the Tyranid advance on Barka III and established a foothold in one of the outer cities.


Elsewhere Imperial forces on Steele & Balian III have pushed off attacking forces of Chaos war-bands exiting from the warp rift.

Narmer II however is another story, imperial forces have been cutoff from their supply routes after Tepes went dark.  Separated guard regiments have become easy pickings for enemy forces


This last Friday in September begins the start of the Blood Harvest.  The warp rift has turned an deep shade of red and whispers of promised power to those who reap the most skulls.

Count all models you kill and victory points for your 3 games from this friday till next thursday.  The player holding the most skulls at the end will be the winner of this months event!!!!


  1. A branch of the tyranid hive fleet came into conflict with a Space Wolves strike force. Although the Hive tyrant learned much about the Wolves of Russ that would have been useful to the Hive Mind, reassimilation of the Hive Tyrant's biomass was not possible. The synapse creature is forever locked in a stasis field with only the laughing of Lukas the Trickster to keep it company.

    ... Hello, my lesser beings! May I introduce my self! Vice Duke Drhys'Scis, Archon and Lord to the Kabal of Crescent Thorns. Also know to be the lust spawn of Duke Sliscus himself. Let us take a moment to indulge the onslaught of lament and Gorgeous hell my Kabal has beautifully gifted to near the entirety of the Eastern Sector. This in mind, let all know; I care not for alliances or petty parleys. I have come for one thing only... every soul in this sector will be returning with me for a grand spectacle within the Dark City. Please feel free to sign up! All else will be drafted! (Fits of thick, vile, laughter rain through the audio)*******End Transmission*********

  3. My sincerest apologies I meant no confusion with the my direction. I meant Western the Eastern is next >,<.