Thursday, March 1, 2012

Be-WAAAGH! the Ides of March 24th 2012

Hello everyone! I'd like to officially announce the next tournament going on at Legions Games on March 24th.

BE-WAAAGH! the Ides of March

Legions Games and Snake Eyes Gaming will be hosting the 2nd year of the Be-Waaagh! the Ides of March 3 round 2000 point Warhammer 40k Tournament on March 24th 2012. This tournament allows Forge World models and rules

Tournament Organizer & Judge is Dominic Metzger

Address: 1130 Perry Hwy, Pittsburgh, PA , 15237.

START TIME: Noon. Signups at 11

We have a reputation for running good events, so everyone come and enjoy your self. Due to recent events the following is something that everyone should be aware of.

All tournament lists MUST be typed and printed out OR it must be on a normal sheet of paper with all units and options taken CLEARLY LABELED. In addition, player conduct will be monitored and EVERYONE is expected to respect each other and play legit. I understand people can be heated during a competition, that is fine


2000 Points Per Player
Winner of the event is the player with the most Primary Goals won. In the event of a tie, total battle points are used


Entry fee: 15$ for non-fully painted armies and 10$ for fully painted armies (Defined as entire model being painted to a 3 color minimum, primed models nor do bare metal/plastic models with 3 dabs of paint count). Prizes are based upon full value of entrance fees. Depending on turnout prizes are awarded to top 3 players and best painted

All standard army books allowed (This will be updated based upon what books have come out)
Break usually between round 2 and 3

ALL GW FAQs are in effect

WYSIWYG is enforced within reason. Proxies that looking nothing like the original unit in question are not allowed. Minor variations are and if you have questions then ask beforehand

Each round will be 2:15 hours long with an ADDITIONAL 15 minutes given to deploy your forces (For a total of 2:30. Time will be called at that point) Do not start an additional full turn if there is not enough time

--------------- FORGE WORLD RULES -----------------
(Click above to be taken to the FW download section)

Forge world ALLOWED see restrictions below
- Must use FWs official model or if no model exists you are allowed to create your own as long as 50% of the model is GW product (This is only time I enforce that silly policy)
- Must bring rules!@#$ (Can be photocopy) and must have the most UPDATED versions
- May use individual units or army lists using all restrictions listed
- Units must be OFFICIAL not experimental
- Must be approved by myself for use. (Contact me before the event!)
- No models designed for apoc (Obviously)
- No Fliers or in general any model that uses core rules not included in the basic game (IE no 7" template weapons). Fliers that may be used as skimmers may be used as such

Only units from the following books are allowed (Please note some of the books have misprints, if a rule from a unit in these books is different for the SAME unit from an GW codex, you use the codex version)

Imperial Armor Vraks**,8, 9, 10, 11
Imperial Armor Apocalypse Second Edition
** Vraks is an old book, I may or may not allow all the units so again clear it prior

FW Army Lists allowed
Elysian Drop Troops (IA 8)
Ork Dreadmob (IA 8)
Tyrant’s Guard (IA 9)
Siege Assault Vanguard (IA 10)
Eldar Corsairs (IA 11)
Siege Regiment (Death Korps) from FW website (Not the outdated book version)
Vraks Renegades army list from FW website (again not the outdated book version)

Units that are NOT allowed
Deathwind Drop Pods

Again you must clear any FW use with me prior

Please send any and all questions regarding the tournament to ME personally as I am not an employee of Legions Games. Ask any questions you want here or you can email me at as well

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