Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Road Trips

Its that time of year and we have 3 different trips / events coming up that we thought others in the community might want to attend.

April 21st - Berks Spring Assault

This one day tournament is held in Reading, PA and was a great time last year.  In is more of a hobby tournament than a WAAC tournament with not only Best General being considered, there is also Sportsmanship (Yes Heretics can be Good Sportsman), Painting Award and Raffle.  Follow this link for more information:  http://s4.zetaboards.com/NGH/index  .  Its a good group of guys and a lot of people show up to play with about 40 last year and they are planning for 70 this year.  If you are interested in following us, let us know.

May 18th, 19th and 20th - Sci Fi in the Valley Convention

This is the first year for this convention and it will be held in Ebensburg.  We have been asked to demo some tables as well as potentially putting on a tournament on one of the days.  Join us all weekend for games demos, an Apocalypse Game on Friday Night as well as supporting a local convention.  All conventions start off smaller, but with enough people showing up, we can hopefully get more artists next year among other special guests.  For more information, please follow this link:  http://www.scifiinthevalley.com/

July 28th - Games Day 2012 in Chicago

Our big event for the year and the unveiling of the new table.  Some of you have been following the blog and have noticed a lack of updates with regards to the table.  This does not mean we haven't been working, in fact we have been holding our updates to coincide with them being posted on the Games Day North America Facebook page.  So as soon as an update is posted there, it will be posted here as well.  That being said, we are planning our trip to Chicago now.  If you would like to follow us or join us on our trip, please let us know.  We plan on driving out the Thursday before and staying through Sunday and driving back.  If you have never been to a Games Day, what are you waiting for.

Lastly, if the rumors are true and the Chaos Legions Codex is around the corner, I pity all of you non-Khrone Worshippers.  Kharn is waiting....  KILL, MAIM, BURN, KILL, MAIM, BURN.


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