Monday, February 20, 2012

Warhammer 40k Beginners Tournament Results

Thanks to everyone that came out to participate in the beginners tournament, with a special thanks to Rob and the Legions Games staff.

A whopping fifty players entered and at the end of the day Adam with his Chaos Marines were able to win.  Congratulations Adam! Adam led his renegade force to four victories which earned him the top spot. Honorable mentions go out to Jared S, second place with tau and a 4 way tie for 3rd from Anthony, Zach, Jackson and Forrest. Tie was broken via sportsmanship, congrats Forrest & Anthony C.

Equally important was the Best Sportsman. There were a lot older players helping the younger newer folks and Rob with his Eldar received 10 votes by the other players.

Here's the breakout

Best Beginner: Adam G. with Chaos Space Marines, 72  points
Best Beginner, 2nd: Jared S. with Tau, 71 points
Best Beginner, 3rd: Anthony C with Chaos Space Marines & Forrest with Blood Angels

Best Sportsman: Rob with Eldar
Best Sportsman, 2nd: Sean with Necrons.

We encourage you to leave feedback about the event. If you have any pictures or videos that you'd like to share let us know.


  1. Awesome time! Couldn't believe how many people showed up. Was totally awesome and I can't wait until the next tourney I can get into. This gives me motivation to finally get my army painted... Got one model done so far lol.

  2. Thanks to all those who helped teach me the game.

    I'd definitely be interested in a followup event that's not quite as large as 2000 points. Any chance you fellas would put on a 1000 or 1250 point 40k event sometime before summer?

  3. Would love to see more low point tournaments. Much easier to get together a smaller army(money and painting wise) then a big one and the games dont take 2 hours so people dont have to spend 10+ hours playing. (also would love to see more of the gamesday board, which looks awesome)

  4. Right, I am in the process of collecting and painting a 2000 point(ish) collection of IG, but it'd be nice to be able to use some of them in a tournament style game prior to having the entire list ready to go.

  5. Gamesday board is under wraps at the moment, GW is requesting special updates for club tables so i don't want to tip my hand too early :)