Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Fight for Tarus Week Two & Three

Impossible!  Renegade units from multiple sectors have made advances dangerously close to drop site omega, whats more disturbing is the fact that the desecration's of the loyalist dead have drawn the gaze of Khorne, blood storms have been raging along the front lines...

Renegade forces, cut off from their resources by the harsh hand of Lord gateman have pushed to the drop site, scavenging and raiding for supplies.

Summary Week Two:
Loyalists: 7 wins, 1 massacres
Renegade: 15 wins, 10 massacres

Week three we see the loyalists digging in for a protracted siege, this week will determine the fate of dropsite Omega...

Summary Week Three:

Loyalists: 4 wins, 1 massacres
Renegade: 6 wins, 1 massacres

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  1. Due to the horrendous beating the loyalist have been taking Shas'o Sa'cea Mont'yr will be coming to the aid of the humans. the greater good will prosper.