Friday, October 29, 2010

The Fight for Tarus Week Four

Loyalist and Renegade alike were continuing to fight for drop site Omega. Amazingly neither was giving any ground. The loyalist still have a majority of the spaceport and some reserves from thunderhawk transporters were landing men and munitions.

The totals were calculated Wednesday and for those that played the scenario the results were as follows:

Loyalists: 4 wins
Renegades: 4 wins

Since there was no clear winner, the battle for Drop Site Omega continues this week.

Only one hex changed hands. Looks like that stubborn bonus really came in handy for the Loyalists.

Summary Week Four:
Loyalists: 9 wins

Renegade: 9 wins, 1 massacres

On November 1st the campaign game army lists will move to 1000 points. Please note we will be discontinuing the bonus/penalty for hexes beyond DMZ.

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