Sunday, April 25, 2010

Highlands Gathering - Results

Many dice were thrown and many a soldier has fallen.  Many thanks go out to everyone who participated.  The Ligonier Library and Toy Soldier Gallery deserve special mention for helping us to host the event and providing us the space to hold it.

Overall we had 16 people in the main tournament and 8 people in our beginners bracket.

1250 results:
Best Overall: Joseph Caoco with his Eldar 75$
Best General: Ron Marshall with his Imperial Guard 45$
Best Appearance: DJ with his Imperial Guard 30$

Worst Dice award goes to Sean Ketrow and his Scout company.  Sean actually was in 2nd place for best general but his dice during the last game decided to take a break and he came up with multiple Yahtzee's of ones.

Most Favored Opponent: Josh Litzinger with his Necrons, Battle Missions Book.

Beginners results:
Best Overall: Mark Turner, prize was a box of troops for his army
Best General: Josh Davidson, any one blister for his army
Best Aspiring artist: Otter Baker, any one blister for his army

In a great show of sportsmanship Otter gave his prize to one of his competitors, Tim.  Tim was very new to the game and was using some borrowed Space marines for the event.  We (Snake Eyes) pitched in and bought Tim an Assault on Black Reach Box set and the Toy Soldier Gallery threw in a nice chaplain to go with it.

Tim, if your reading this, remember two things, "The emperor protects", and "Purge those Xenos scum!"

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