Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Highlands Gathering!!

Come one and come all to a Warhammer 40k event in Ligonier PA!
On 4-24-2010 *(that's April 24th for you foul xenos spawn - you know who are) Club Snake Eyes is teaming up with The Toy Soldier Gallery to bring you a day of gaming for free, that's right, the rock bottom bargain basement price of *Free*.

The event will run from 10 am until 4:30 PM. We are shooting to run a 1250 point 3 round tournament for regular players and a 500 point 3 or 4 rounder (if time permits we'll give players the option to add the extra round) for relative newcomers. Prize support will be provided by Games Workshop. That's right, even though this event is free there will be prizes! It will be held downstairs in the Public Library Basement (which is quite nice, spacious and has plenty of tables) which is right off the center of the town circle.

If we get a decent turnout we will run both tournaments and also a starter "training table" to help teach the basics of the hobby to those who are interested in starting. We reserve the right to combine the two games (we will have spare mini's on hand and advisors for the newer players) so there should be fun for all no matter what.
To get an idea of those coming from the surrounding area we please ask that anyone thinking of attending please e-mail to let them know so we can get a count of how many tables and how much terrain to bring.

So mark your calender, plan your trip and we'll see you there!!

We've added the Tournament rules and scenarios:
Tournament Rules & Scenarios
Beginners Bracket Scenarios


  1. Id really use to host any files.. Rapidshare is irritating. Ill be there even tho 10am is early and the store is sorta far!

    - Dom

  2. so I'm pretty sure Shawn and myself will be attending this weekend. It should be a blast.

  3. Awesome looking forward to seeing you all there! Yes 10am is a bit early for me too! But it should definately be a good time and could be the start of a regular event. I do find rapidshare annoying, but it is free and does work, but if you want, bring the suggestion up to our IT guy when your there. Always willing to listen to ideas about improvements! Any thoughts on the scenarios Kir? You've been to more then a few events....and amybe even one or two you didn't win....