Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Defense of Nekar Quintus

The Battle for Nekar Quintus rages!
The Warmaster's minions have begun the march to Hive Kydonia, the gargantuan capital city of Nekar Quintus. The Blood Angels are fortifying the outer defenses and preparing the Planetary Defense Force for the titanic struggle to come.
In the west the Wolves of Russ are positioning themselves for a devastating counterstrike should the Blood Angels be forced to concede the planets capital. Harald Deathwolf has tenaciously defended Kistan Spaceport and Research Station Klaed.
Orks muster in the northwest although so far no single Warboss has risen to unite the feuding tribes into a proper Waaagh! Neverless they quickly overran the meager defenses of the Weather Control Station and their momentum was only halted by the Planetary Defense Forces.
One certainty hangs above all the death and carnage...

The worst is yet to come.

Imperial Forces

Harald Deathwolf's Great Company - Mike
Space Wolves - Dave
Blood Angels - Dominic
Blood Angels - Jay
Shadow Hounds - Sean K
Space Marines - Colin
Imperial Guard - John
Imperial Guard - Austin
Cadians - Jesse
Witch Hunters - Calvin

Forces of the Warmaster

Thousand Sons - Bill
Chaos Daemons - Brad C.
Chaos Space Marines - TC
Chaos Space Marines - Bill
Iron Warriors - Andrew
Black Legion - Anthony

Forces of Disorder

Bad Moons Ork Clan - Katie
Orks - Robin
Orks - Adam
Orks - Sean
Tyranids - Josh

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  1. I just wanted to thank you guys for putting my tourney up on here. Also thanks to Brad and Josh for great 'ard boyz matches today. It was a blast. I'll send those pics A.S.A.P.