Thursday, April 1, 2010

Apocalypse pictures

Just a few pictures from the battle, more are on the way!

The imperial side won with 6 objectives total, the surviving imperial forces are assumed KIA as the grav hook's power source at Sorensen was destroyed.  During the battle daemons breaching the warp caused major havoc among both sides.  At one point a single daemon prince took out an Imperial Baneblade, carving it apart with its daemon weapon.  The ensuing explosion destroyed multiple buildings and caused many imperial casualties.  Of the Eldar, there has been no sign...

A "propa" writeup is on its way...


  1. once again a victory for the emporer...strength and honor

  2. Of course there is no sign of the eldar. We haven't finished cleansing the planet of filth yet. Once we're done we'll let one of them out of the sub-basment interogation chambers...err I mean the "safe house" where the Inquisition has been beating them...err I mean "talking to them" about using the webway. In the meantime..."FOR THE EMPEROR"