Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Steel City Showdown Results!!!

Thanks to everyone that came out and participated in the 4th Annual Steel City Showdown on Saturday, December 7th. Snake Eyes Gaming would like to extend an additional Thank You to the Legions staff for once again letting us use their store for the event.
Below is a list of the awards that were given out along with the players and armies that carried the day. Inquisitorial Detachments are not included in the army list below but there quite a few present (7+). There were other prizes distributed during the day that are not included in the list below: an Aegis Defense Line box, a Tactical Squad box, Space Marine Captain blister, and the Feast of Blades sword.

Best Overall: Lewis S. with Dark Eldar & Eldar $125 Gift Card and the Steel City Sword

Best General:
1st Calvin S. with Eldar & Imperial Guard $80 Gift Card
2nd TJ L. with Tyranids $50 Gift Card
3rd Joe K. with Space Marines & Necrons $25 Gift Card

Best Painted:
1st Jackie J. with Chaos Space Marines $80 Gift Card
2nd Alex with Imperial Guard & Space Wolves $50 Gift Card
3rd David N. with Imperial Guard $25 Gift Card

1st Ed B. with Orks $80 Gift Card
2nd Arthur S. with Imperial Guard $50 Gift Card
3rd Ryan J. with Blood Angels & Space Wolves $25 Gift Card

Snake Eyes Award: John D. with Space Wolves. May Russ and the Allfather grant you a better wyrd next year!

Thanks once again to everyone that has come out to participate in our events and support the local 40K community. We have had several instances during our past couple events of which I wanted make everyone in our community aware. Regretfully several things have went missing during the the past few events. I do not want to get into the specifics in this space, all that I will say here is that these items range from personal effects of participants to store merchandise. If you have any information you can discreetly contact us using the Contact Form on the right side of the page.

Please everyone remember that we are a community and as such we need to look out for each other and the store that has agreed to be our host.

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