Monday, January 14, 2013

Games Day 2013 Table: Work Begins!

Measurable progress on the table for next year’s Games Day has begun.  Below we’ll show off the first batch of In Progress pictures but first let’s take a quick look at the process behind the creation of a Snake Eyes Games table.  Planning for the 2013 Games Day table began in Chicago just after we finished setting up the Hades Wrath, our 2012 Games Day table which can be seen HERE. Like all Snake Eyes projects the first ideas and concepts were generated at the tavern over a couple of pints.  It’s a long road from agreeing on an idea and beginning construction.  

First, we start by brainstorming for ideas.  Ideas aren't expected to be fully fleshed-out and no idea is a bad idea.  Everything gets written down (usually on bar napkins).  Once we've exhausted all of our ideas we start discussing the merits and flaws of the suggestions.  Inevitably this leads to critical conversations that revolve around three core concepts:  1)  Has it been done before  2) How can we build it  3)  Will it be fun for people to play on.  We always end up with plenty of great table concepts that are put on the shelf for future consideration.
Next, we start planning the layout and design for the table (again usually on bar napkins).  This is what we have been busy at work with for the past couple of months.  The stage involves planning everything from construction materials to which factions will be present.  We'll be announcing this soon, probably in about two weeks, so I'm not going to linger too much on the design stage.
Once we are satisfied with the design we can move on to construction. This year we have two major construction locations: Pittsburgh and Altoona.  Both teams are coordinating their efforts to ensure that the result is the most impressive table that Snake Eyes Gaming has ever produced.  Below are the first batch of construction pictures for our Games Day Memphis 2013 (July 27, 2013) table:

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