Monday, October 22, 2012

Steel City Showdown Results

Thanks to everyone that came out and participated in the showdown on Saturday.  We had 50 participants at the event.  Snake Eyes Gaming would like to extend an additional Thank You to the Legions staff for once again letting us use all of their tables for the event.

Best Overall: David C. with Ultramarine's           150$ Gift card and the Steel City Sword

Best General:
1st                           Cory with Chaos Daemons   $100 Gift Card
2nd                          Jason with Necrons              $75 Gift Card
3rd                           TJ L with Tyranids                 $50 Gift Card

Best Painted:
1st                           Darren R with Imperial Fists    $100 Gift Card
2nd                          Chris F with Dark Eldar            $75 Gift Card
3rd                           Tyler M with Tau             $50 Gift Card

1st                            Anthony L.                             $100 Gift Card
2nd                           David N.                                $75 Gift Card
3rd                            Ryan J.                                   $50 Gift Card

Feast of Blades
Round 1: Patrick F.                                                 Scimitar
Round 2: Chase C.                                                 Scimitar 
Round 3: Scott F.                                                    Scimitar

Tech Marine Challenge: Jackson H.
25th Anniversary Challenge: Arden B. for losing 25 models more quickly than anyone else.

Snake Eyes Award:   Casey M. May your luck be better!

Pictures are on the way!


  1. Thanks Snake Eyes crew! Had a great time! Amazing painting and great to see how many people came with stunning armies!

  2. Yes I want to thank the Snake Eyes guys for running the best tournament I had participated in. Any chance of knowing over all placement for things? Just curious if I had scored more points then some of my friends :P