Monday, July 30, 2012

Games Day 2011 and 2012 Table Rules

One of the biggest questions at this years Games Day was what modifications to the rules we made to run our tables and if we had copies of those rules available.  The rules modifications that we have made for our Apocalypse Games or even our larger games are really pretty simple.  The reason these rules came about was to try and make sure everyone was involved with the game at all times.  We have played many Apocalypse games and have been on the waiting side of things many times.  We wanted to make sure that everyone was able to consistently be involved in playing the games and be interested rather than waiting an hour for their next turn.   This is even more critical at a Games Day where we are trying to involve as many people as possible.  Since so many people have talked to us about the rules changes as well as their modifications they have made upon the rules set at Games Day this year, we decided to post them here.  Use them, modify them, let us know what you have found that works for your group as it is something that we use regularly for our larger games.


All players move at the same time up to their maximum movement range.  However, you must maintain a one inch separation from all other enemy models on the board as you would do in a normal game.


All players shoot at the same time.  When shooting, nominate the unit you will be shooting and let the controlling player know.  As the controlling player will possibly be under fire from many people, make sure he is able to watch you roll the dice and see the results to avoid any arguments.  Resolve wound allocation as outlined in the rulebook and proceed with determining casualties.  Since shooting is occurring simultaneously, those casualties are not removed from the table immediately.  Lay the casualties on their side or back and finish wound allocation.  At the end of the wound allocation, if the player controlling the models has not shot, he can shoot or run the models under his control as well.  All models, whether they are standing are have been killed get their shot.  After shooting has been completed, then all models that have been placed on their side are removed from the table with morale checks being taken where appropriate.


Previously in 5th edition, assault ranges were set at six inches.  You used to be able to determine that if you wanted to charge a unit and the opposing player agreed, as long as you were 12 inches apart, the charge could occur as you would meet in the middle.  With the advent of 6th edition, charge ranges are now random   so are a little more unpredictable.  Therefore, you must let the person you want to charge know that you are charging his unit.  The person being charged then has two options.  

  • The first option is to charge into the same unit.  If this option is selected, then both players roll their 2d6 charge range and as long as both of the results added together for each player total enough for the charge, then they are in hand to hand combat.  Both units gain the bonus for charging of +1 Attack and meet halfway between both units.

  • The second option is to perform overwatch.  If the assaulted player chooses this option, then the attacking player rolls for assault if he is 12 inches or less away.  If they are 12 inches or more away, the assault fails automatically and no overwatch shots are fired as it was outside of normal charge range.  However, if it is in side of 12 inches then the shots are fired as normal overwatch rules indicate even if the dice roll fails to bring the 2 units into an assault.  In the case that overwatch is selected by the assaulted unit, they do not gain the +1 attack for charging into combat as well.
After the assault has been declared and moves have been completed, the assault phase continues as normal. Once this is completed, all morale checks are taken and the round restarts.

The rules modifications were kept as simple as possible.  The intention was to facilitate more activity by all players and not have a side waiting to become involved in the game.  Again, any questions or comments, let us know.


"Any carnage is good carnage.  Kill for the sake of killing.  Slaughter is it's own excuse, murder is it's own justification.  Leave nothing but mass graves in your wake"

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