Monday, June 18, 2012

Farewell to 5th Edition Tournament Results

Thanks to everyone that came out to participate in the Farewell to 5th edition tournament, with a special thanks to Rob and the Legions Games staff.

We had a great turnout with 34 participants, including an amazing total of 0 Grey Knights players.  Players were forced to not just compete against each other but also to struggle for survival against the Death Wolrd RGN-97, as Doug discovered with his Imperial Guard

Here's the breakout:

Best Overall - Jason W. with Necrons ($125 Legions Gift Card)

Best General (1st) - Adam S. with Eldar ($75 Legions Gift Card)
2nd Best General (2nd) - Cory D. with Chaos Daemons ($50 Legions Gift Card)

Best Sportsman (1st) - Rob with Space Marines ($75 Legions Gift Card)
Best Sportsman (2nd) - Anthony L. with Space Wolves ($50 Legions Gift Card)

Best Painted (1st) - Jason S. with Necrons ($75 Legions Gift Card)
Best Painted (2nd) - Jackson H. with Space Marines ($50 Legions Gift Card)

Most Models killed by Death World tables - Doug with Imperial Guard ($25 Legions Gift Card)
Feast of Blades Challenge - Sam with Deathwing (a scimitar)

We encourage you to leave feedback about the event. If you have any pictures or videos that you'd like to share let us know.


  1. Have to say I had a great time. All three games were fun. I've been to two events put on by Snake Eyes and both were run in a smooth and professional manner.

    As my second and third games were both against IG (and I was playing IG), I would have preferred if the match-up system you used would attempt to avoid multiple match-ups against the same army. I realize this may not be possible, just a suggestion.

    I think the missions were great. The environmental effects were a nice twist. I'm looking forward to more of these in the future.

    Finally, I think the painting would be better decided with participation from the judges as well as the players.

  2. Dave,

    Thanks for the feedback, as for mirror matches we will talk about that internally to see if this is something we want to account, though understandably mirror matches are normally not expected.

    As for Overall painting Judges do get 5 votes per judge and we do individually inspect the armies in the top 3 spots. If something seems out of balance or you have a specific example e-mail us at and we will go thru the photo's.

    Warboss Gubbinz

    Next tournament we may put caveats of painting for a single army model or whole army . As always we appreciate the feedback, thanks and see you at the next tourney!

  3. Loved the games gents... I have a greater respect for nature now that my boys melted in the rain. Looking forward to more action from my trenchers in these tournies sometime in the future.