Saturday, March 26, 2011

Be-WAAAAGH! the ides of March Results

First off, a big thank you to everyone who came out and played. We appreciate the feedback from the surveys and will be rolling suggestions into the next tournament.

Attendance was great, we had 36 total with many many others watching and coming up to us with questions. We look forward to helping host the next event, the planning details are already being worked out.

There was a maximum of 72 points you could get during all 3 games.


1st Place: Ed H. with his Space Wolves, 60 points 150$
2nd Place: Corey D. with his Chaos Daemons, 57 points 100$
3rd Place: Adam S. with his Tyranids, 57 points 50$

Best Painted: John T. with his necrons. 75$
Worst driving award: Jacob H. Razorback ram, best ram.
Brainless HQ award: Anthony L. Enjoy those new Chaos marines.
My HQ can beat up your HQ award: Seth H. Enjoy the Games Day Sorcerer.

Raffle & Random Drawings:
Sam B. 60$
Dennis D. 60$
Thomas C. Space Marine Blister.

2nd and 3rd place was decided by bonus point totals.


  1. I had an awesome time and I really look forward to your next event!

  2. Had a blast once again. Looking forward to playing in next one. Now just deciding to bring out the Necrons again, or maybe try to finish up a new army for it. :)

    Plus, what no pics of the Best Painted Army. :p

  3. For those who are interested, I have posted my video coverage of the event on my YouTube Channel:

    Once again, it was an honor to roll dice with all of you!

  4. Finn, if you have one we'll add it to the gallery, our apologies on that.