Sunday, February 20, 2011

The End of Tarus IV

The campaign for Tarus IV has ended.  With the loss of the southern drop-site and no further inroads to the capital, Imperial commanders made one last ditch effort.

Take volunteers to drop into the heavily defended capital and destroy or disable as many shield generators as possible, with this done they can bomb the capital from orbit and re-take whats left and rebuild.

Without hesitation company commanders from the Angels Sanguine and Black Templar's stepped forward with Harald Deathwolf's great company to take up the task of dropping their forces into the city.  Oaths of the moment were taken and their forces made way to the launch bays.

The order was given as well for the ground troops:

+++ Tactical withdraw to dropsite omega ETR 5 hours, FAILURE TO WITHDRAW WILL BE MET WITH EXTERMINATION +++

The front lines receded to the northern drop site as imperial troops were evacuated off the planet from orbital landers and transports. During the retreat many units were felled by the chain axes of Khorne and fast moving artillery units of the Blood Pact assisted the world eaters in their frenzied attacks.

Meanwhile at the the Angels of Death were fast approaching the capital city from orbit:

Even Harald Deathwolf made a special appearance:

The forces of the renegade thousand suns guarding the outposts were overwhelmed but with great cost to the Imperial forces.  They knew this could be a one way trip.  Out of the 70 marines that dropped into the capital less than 20 of their brethren made it back, wounded or otherwise.

The heavily damaged thunderhawk was able to escape with:
Harald Deathwolf
Arjac Rockfist
1 Wolf-guard
1 Black Templar's Chaplin
1 Disabled Dreadnought flown in by storm-raven.
Several Black Templar's (who abandoned their jet-bikes)
+++A more complete list to follow+++

At the dropsite the combined forces of the world eaters and blood pact were able to disable a scout titan awaiting its orbital lander and Kharn himself lead his world-eaters through an lightly defended gate, 
Kharn and his boys roll up to the gate in an unmarked APC rhino
Private Jenkins: Uhh *voice cracks* excuse me sir i can't let you onto the base without proper identification.
Private Jenkins: one moment while i check the roster here....
Kharn: *primes his plasma pistol*
Private Jenkins: lets see here, nope I'm not seeing a *BLAM!*
taking the defenders completely by surprise: 

After the dust settled the imperial forces successfully disabled all 3 generators protecting the capital city however the dropsite evacuation turned from tactical withdraw to rout to massacre in short order.

Orders were given to consign the loyalist forces to the emperors peace as an bombardment began to fall....

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