Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Heretical Thoughts on the Dark Eldar

So, by now many people have had the chance to play against the Dark Eldar and have had a chance to feel out the new release. So our dark brethren need to be looked at from a Heretical point of view.

First off, I have to say the Dark Eldar need to make up their mind. They are too bad for the Eldar but not bad enough to just start worshipping the dark Gods, or are they. Lets look at their background as well as some of their independant characters.

Background wise, the Dark Eldar capture slaves to sacrifice to prevent themselves from falling to Slaanesh. Did I miss something here? I mean does this sound like Khorne to anyone. I mean blood for the blood god is always good, but blood to prevent a fall to Slaanesh seems to make no sense. Are we not worshipping Khorne in this case? Lets be realistic, they might not openly worship the 4 powers, but they might as well. My suggestion, just start worshipping one of the 4. Stop sacrificing your slaves and fall to Slaanesh. Allow your souls to be taken and kill, maim, enjoy the pleasures of worship. If you don't want to worship slaanesh fine, Khorne does not like Slaanesh as it is and I am sure you will be embraced with chainaxes and blood. Lets see, they already have the high initiative of Slaanesh. They can now obtain FNP by inflicting pain - sound like Nurgle anyone. We can get furious charge by inflicting pain - wait, sounds like Khorne. Fall to Chaos, worship us and just make up your mind.

To start with for independant characters, we have Fabius Bile, oops, I mean Urien Rakarth. Apparently, the Dark Eldar like messing with different body parts, drugs and everything else that can make their characters better. Does this sound like a familiar chaos guy that was referenced to start? The similarities are easy for this one though their reasons are slightly different for why they do it, they are essentially the same character.

Next on the list we have Lucius and Lelith. Both great in close combat and are the best at one on one combat whether gladiatorial or training arenas, one actually worships Slaanesh while the other supposedly does not. Lelith is dressed in her best bondage outfit for the party and seems to fit in well with a Slaanesh themed army. Lelith really is what Lucius should be when you look at their stats. After all, he is supposed to be the best in CC that the Emperors Children have to offer.

All I can say is don't sit on the fence, just fall off it and join us.


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