Friday, October 1, 2010

The Rebellion of Tarus IV

Snake Eyes Gaming presents
The Rebellion of Tarus IV:
A Warhammer 40,000 Escalation Campaign hosted by Gatehouse Games

Tarus IV is a Departmento Munitorum staging world. A vast network of storage and processing facilities cover the planet’s surface. Due to its proximity to the Cadian gate Tarus IV’s processing and staging facilities are protected by vast defense lines and nearly impregnable security networks. Tarus IV survived many assaults over the millennia with the most recent occurring during the13th Black Crusade.
Now something sinister has taken root on Tarus IV and the planet has gone into full scale rebellion.

The battle for Tarus IV will occur over a four month period. Each month the quantity of points used for campaign battles increases as follows:
October – 600 points
November – 1000 points
December – 1400 points
January – 1800 points

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  1. And as the smoke cleared on the first offnsive, it was soon realized that the chidren and followers of Tzeentch and the red and blue marines of the false emperor should never play each other again....not when dice are involved at any rate. Twas most fun and memorable, but how many rounds of combat can you have with no one causing a wound? We passed 12.....